Scrapbooking Layouts with No Journaling

Creating layouts with your photographs is definitely the point of scrapbooking. Having a scrapbook page or layout with no journaling goes against everything I teach, but sometimes it happens and sometimes a photograph speaks for itself. So how do you go about telling a story with only a photograph, and no journaling? To begin with, think outside the normal scrapbooking box. Get creative with your layout, choose embellishments that might help to tell a story. For instance, a close up of your four year old in Hawaii could be enlarged and placed on a page all on its own. Use … Continue reading

Digital Scrapbooking Basic Supplies

Digital scrapbooking is a bit different than traditional scrapbooking in that you can obtain all the cute papers, embellishments and other items for a lot less than regular scrapbooking supplies. The reason of course, is because they are digitally obtained. But even with the lower cost of supplies, there are still some things you need to scrapbook digitally. Digital Photographs These do not have to be taken with a digital camera although that is the most practical way. If you have a regular non-digital camera, you can use your scanner to scan the photographs onto your computer. There, you now … Continue reading

The Truth About Bazzill Basics Papers

By now if you have been scrapbooking for any length of time, you have heard of Bazzill Cardstock. Have you ever wondered what the big deal is? Have you ever thought to yourself “What makes this paper so unique?”. Or maybe you are already a Bazzill user. If that’s the case, you’ll know exactly what I’m talking about. Bazzill is an exceptional cardstock. I will not call it the best, because who am I to judge that. But I will say, that the majority of scrapbookers agree, it is a top of the line cardstock with an absolutely amazing variety … Continue reading

Digital Camera Basics

Digital photography is really not that different than old fashioned film photography (still my favorite). It does however, stand to reason, that there are new terms, techniques and types of equipment to learn. The digital camera comes in two different form, a point and shoot style and a single lens reflex (which is usually referred to as SLR). If you are looking for a simple, easy to use, basic digital camera – the point and shoot is definitely the style to go with. These usually range in price quite a bit, and are available by most manufacturers. They are the … Continue reading

Are You Building Your Home Business on Rocks, or Sand?

Have you ever went to church and heard a sermon that you were absolutely certain the pastor wrote it with you in mind? Today was one of those days for me. You may have read my post from two weeks ago “Put a Fork in Me…” where I talked about my decision to quit my direct sales business to pursue opportunities that were a better fit for my family. Have you ever heard the term, “put the big rocks first”? If you haven’t, here’s what it means…in a nutshell. Picture an empty jar. You can fill it with sand, small … Continue reading

Back to Basics: Working On A Frugal Attitude (1)

Could you use an extra $500.00 per month? Is there anyone in the world who couldn’t use the extra money somehow? There are ways to accomplish this, and they do not include adding extra income to what you already make. They do not require a raise, and they do not require another job. What they do include is some effort, a little extra time and some research to find what works best for your family, budget and home. Several years back, when I began to turn to a more frugal lifestyle, I did a lot of research, a lot of … Continue reading

Strength Training Basics – Rules to Follow

We’ve talked about strength training this week and explored what you need to know and more. It’s important to reflect on those articles as we begin to build our strength-training program for the New Year. Come this spring, I’ll be launching our Spring Forward to Action Challenge once more and for those of you who weren’t here for the Challenge last Spring, it’s a 30 Day Fitness Kick Start that is designed to help you get up and get moving. Since strength training is a vital part of the Spring Forward to Action Challenge, I want you to have all … Continue reading

You Cannot Scrapbook Without Your Favorite Things

Every scrapbooker has their own preferred, must have products that they just cannot scrapbook without. Of course every person is different, but the premise is the same. Either they help you be creative or a layout in your head just cannot be created without them. I have a few products I just have to have in order to be creative. Some of them probably say something about my particular style too. And I tend to be on the simple side, so I use many of these items on every single layout I create. My Adhesive: My favorite adhesive is not … Continue reading

Getting Started: Basic Scrapbooking Supplies Part Two

There are a few basic tools that you will need when starting to scrapbook: a paper trimmer, a journaling pen and adhesive. I will describe what you should look for when you are ready to buy these scrapbook items. Paper Trimmer In an earlier blog I shared information of my favorite paper trimmer, the Falcon. I know others that love their Fiskars paper trimmers. When looking for a trimmer, make sure that it is more than twelve inches long so that you will be able to cut your 12 X 12 paper. If you are just getting started in scrapbooking, … Continue reading