Quiz: Life Before and After a Child

Once you have your first child, your life will change dramatically. You’ll redefine the words busy and tired. Sleeping in might become something you have to bribe your spouse to experience. You’ll mark every week of your child’s life and forget your own birthday. Whether these changes seem good or bad depends on your perspective, but the change is inevitable. It might be fun to record just how different life becomes once your bundle of joy makes her grand entrance. Take this quiz now, while you are pregnant (or hoping to be), and then take it again a few months … Continue reading

Before and After

Are you planning to redo a space in your home? Whether you recently moved into a new home or you are redecorating a room, it’s nice to have a before and after record of the transformation. You can create a simple scrapbook to track the changes. It is a good idea to take several pictures before you begin the process, after the room is emptied, and during each stage of the redecorating process. When the space is finished, take pictures from every angle to show off your work. If you removed wallpaper in the process of redoing the room, or … Continue reading

Motivate Your Workout with Pictures

A number of workout programs including Body for Life and the Biggest Loser require that you take a picture of yourself as you are now. You wear a bathing suit so that you can’t hide any of your flaws and that you have a really good idea of how you look. Your love handles, your bulges and even the little (and big) bits that jiggle when you laugh. These pictures are raw, honest and shed a harsh light of reality on how we look. These photographs are often used as the Before shot in order to measure the progress of … Continue reading