Creative Pregnancy Portrait Ideas

I have seen some really cute pregnancy portraits lately. It’s got me thinking about what I might like to do next time around. I did the cliché heart-on-the-belly photo, the daddy-holding-the-bump photo, and the classic stand-by-the-crib shot. I tried (and failed) to take a similar photo every week to track my growth. I really want to be more diligent next time; and I really want to be more creative by capturing both meaningful and humorous elements of pregnancy. Here are some of my ideas: From the sibling’s perspective: imagine a shot taken at eye level with the big brother or … Continue reading

Belly Photos: Public or Private?

I recently read that Gisele Bundchen had her pregnant belly airbrushed out of her fashion photo shoots because her pregnancy was “too sacred” to share with the world. What a striking statement to make in contrast to the very public belly (and body) baring photos that have been featured on magazine covers by celebrities like Britney Spears, Demi Moore, and Christina Aguilera. Showing off your pregnant belly is the norm these days, not hiding it. All you have to do is do a Google image search for “pregnant” and you’ll find thousands of women, not just celebrities, showing off their … Continue reading

Do You Feel Beautiful When You Are Pregnant?

Over the past few years, as many of my friends have gotten pregnant and had their own families, I’ve gotten to witness a wide variety of reactions to the changes that happen to a pregnant woman’s body. Some women embrace their new curves and flaunt them with fitted maternity clothes. These are the same women who eagerly take photos of their growing belly every week. Some avoid wearing maternity clothes until the last minute, wincing at their growing reflection in the mirror. You’ll be lucky to see their baby belly in their profile picture. Some hardly think twice about what … Continue reading