Never Too Late to Set Up a Budget

Newlyweds are the most likely to set up a budgeting plan. This is especially true when they begin the adventure of saving for a house and then eventually purchasing one. But budgeting is something we can benefit from no matter how long we have been married. Lately my husband and I have come to realize that we need to get back onto a budget. Since I work as a freelance writer my work is kind of like feast or famine. I have my really good months where we can spend a little extra on things like going out to dinner … Continue reading

Easy Ways for Single Parents to Make Extra Money

One of my biggest challenges being a single mom is dealing with finances, especially around birthdays and holidays. However, I have discovered some easy ways to make a little extra money when times are tight (well, tighter than normal, anyways). eBay and Craigslist Ebay and Craiglist are excellent places to sell your old, unwanted things online. I usually put smaller items on eBay and larger items on Craigslist. I can typically earn an extra $50-$100 selling mostly old clothes and toys on eBay. Craigslist has always been hit-or-miss for me. I once listed a treadmill for $75, and it was … Continue reading

Tips to Strengthen Your Marriage

So what things have we done in our marriage that you might incorporate in yours if you aren’t already doing them? Let me share some tips you might find helpful. This first one I would say is perhaps most important of all. Make Time Together a Priority In busy lives with work and family, this one gets too easily pushed aside unless we’re careful. Make time together a priority, whether it’s sitting chatting, sharing a favorite movie, playing a game, or watching your favorite sport as we did on Saturday night, after spending time with our whole family earlier in … Continue reading

My Decision To Stay Home

When people hear that I quit my teaching job to be at home full-time with my daughter, they often respond, “You are so lucky that you can afford to do that.” I indeed feel very lucky. I know I’m blessed, and I’m thankful for it. Contrary to what people might think, however, I don’t stay home because we have piles of money just sitting around. I don’t live in a situation where we have so much money that I decided I might as well not work. In fact, my husband is a full-time student. Not only do we not have … Continue reading

How to Find Money

There are several ways to find money in your life. If you are open and aware, you can be the beneficiary of extra money. You may find small amounts, or you may find large amounts. Here are my favorite ways to find money. At the beginning of the year (or right now) figure out what your normal monthly bills happen to be. I’ll give you a personal example. By signing up for a budget plan, we pay a set amount for oil each month. Often, though, we never use as much oil as our “statistical average” for our home and … Continue reading

Get the Best Deal on a Car

Unless less you live in a major city, then chances are pretty good that you will need a car. But how can you get the best deal on a car and be frugal about your purchase? Keep reading. New versus used I am a big believer in buying items used, especially big ticket items, such as cars. They usually depreciate in value quickly, making the price drop while they are almost new. So it might surprise you to know that when it came time to buy a larger car to safely fit our family of three children with those wide … Continue reading

Teaching Preschoolers about Money

In my opinion, it is never too early to start teaching your children about money. While you do want to shield your children from any stress or negative financial realities, at least while they are little, it is good to start teaching them the basics of managing money. Money is a huge part of our society, and it always amazes me how kids can no clue how much of the system works. For a young child the best way to teach about money, its uses as well as your own values concerning it is through example. If you go out … Continue reading

How to Prevent Money Matters from Hurting Your Marriage

Money and financial issues are one of the leading causes of conflict leading to divorce in modern marriages. Differences of opinion on what to do with money, how to save and how to spend can make you feel as though you are constantly butting heads with your spouse. If you and your spouse agree on all money issues then congratulations. You are a rare pair. Most couples have different attitudes toward money as individuals. Even couples who are have similar values (savers, let’s say) can vary a bit within their attitudes (one likes to save a little bit more than … Continue reading

Simple Attempts at Money Stewardship

Sometimes we look at little things that can be done to save money and think, why bother. It is only going to save us a few pennies, so is it really worth the time? But simple attempts at money stewardship can really add up. Imagine that you had a leaky faucet in your kitchen. You know that you have to fix it, but right now you have bigger priorities, and you will get to it later. Before you go to bed, you place a bowl or bucket under the leak. In the morning, the bowl is full of water. Those … Continue reading

Dealing with Limits in the Economy

Most of us are facing limits these days. From food prices that have soared, to layoffs, to declining stock prices, we are being forced to take a look at limiting the things we can have and the things we can do. Dealing with limits can be difficult, especially if the concept is new to you. But it is important to take stock of your resources as soon as possible, so you know exactly where you stand. if you don’t do that, you may continue to live within the limits you used to have and not the ones that really apply … Continue reading