Top Scrapbooking Articles of 2007

Every scrapbooker is different. There are different levels that we are at, different styles we use, different techniques we try and different articles and layouts we seek. Several weeks ago, I sent out an email to my scrapbooking pals (22 responded) and requested that they help me out with a poll I was conducting. I asked them to go back through 2007 (January through October) and figure out what their very favorite scrapbooking articles were for each month. I emailed a wide range of scrapbookers from different areas, different levels of experience and different styles so that I would get … Continue reading

Sunday’s Best of the Best: Budget Scrapbooking

Starting with Budget Scrapbooking for this week’s best of the best on Sunday, was an easy choice. Scrapbooking on a budget is something I strive for, not to mention that it allows for a lot of creative freedom and flexibility and stimulates my mind to think outside the box. Here are 2007’s Best of the Best Budget Scrapbooking Articles to date: Using Embellishments That Go With Your Theme Finding the right embellishments to fit your layout or theme is actually more complicated than one might think. Especially if you tend to do a lot of pages on actual hobbies, interests … Continue reading

The Best of the Best Scrapbooking Articles

With 2008 peering ahead at us, a mere two and a half months away, I thought that I would do something a little different in the scrapbooking blog and change it up a bit one day a week. I thought it would be handy and useful, to provide you with the best of the best scrapbooking articles and how-to’s out there. Wouldn’t it be fabulous to have the best, right there at your fingertips each week? How it will work is simple, I will choose a topic each week, and give you links to the best of the best out … Continue reading

Photography Week in Review for September 10-16, 2007

With the fall season in full gear, at least here in the Midwest, my camera has been out a lot more often to capture natures changes, my children playing outdoors, and anything else my heart desires. I love to have my camera in hand, and I love to try to get that perfect shot. Sometimes I succeed, and other times I fail. But no matter what, the memory is captured and I can preserve it however I want. Here is what has been up in the Photography Blog this week. Reasons To Use Digital Cameras At Your Wedding I’m not … Continue reading

The Best Type of Binder for Household Notebooks

What is the best type of binder for household notebooks? This question has actually been asked to me a lot in my days of spreading the word about our family central binder. The place where the whole family can find almost any information they need. However, the question posed is a good one, because the type of notebook is important. 1” Binder is the bare minimum size that I would recommend. This usually allows a household with maybe one child or two children to maintain a good record for the family. My families binder is a 3” binder. Yes. It … Continue reading

The Truth About Bazzill Basics Papers

By now if you have been scrapbooking for any length of time, you have heard of Bazzill Cardstock. Have you ever wondered what the big deal is? Have you ever thought to yourself “What makes this paper so unique?”. Or maybe you are already a Bazzill user. If that’s the case, you’ll know exactly what I’m talking about. Bazzill is an exceptional cardstock. I will not call it the best, because who am I to judge that. But I will say, that the majority of scrapbookers agree, it is a top of the line cardstock with an absolutely amazing variety … Continue reading

The Scrapbook Adhesive Gun Every Scrapbooker Should Get

One of the newest scrapbook supplies to hit the supply craze is the discovery of the ATG. It is the best adhesive dispenser for a variety of reasons but one of the biggest is honestly the cost. When you scrapbook as much as most of us do, you go through a lot of adhesive. Many scrapbookers are swearing that this is the best period. So, what exactly is an ATG? The ATG is an adhesive dispenser that was traditionally used in framing. I think the ATG stands for Adehesive Tape Gun? Or perhaps Automatic Tape Gun? However, much like many … Continue reading

Credit Cards: The Best Ones for Debt Transfer

So, you’ve read Miriam’s blog about getting a handle on your credit cards, you’ve asked for a lower rate from the companies you still hold cards with, and now you’re ready for the next step – transferring the debt you do have to zero interest or low interest credit cards. Be forewarned – if you do this and don’t change your spending habits, it’s just a step toward more debt. This is a step in debt reduction, not in increasing your available credit, though it will likely have that effect as well. Unless you’re worried that you won’t be able … Continue reading

Top 10 Jobs in 2005

Trying to find a job? Not sure what field to go into? When you are just looking around you or at the “help wanted” ads in the newspaper, it is hard to recognize trends in employment. That’s why “Top 10” lists can be helpful. Some wonderful people (who are much better at math and statistics than I am!) take the time to compile the information and generate lists of growing industries. This resource gives us the opportunity to see what is going on in the job market and we can use that information in several different ways. First, for those … Continue reading