Are You Sure Your Child Has ADHD?

A quick google search will lead you to more information about ADHD than you could possibly read. Many parents think that they know enough about ADHD to be able to properly diagnose it in their own children. It’s best to get a formal assessment by a professional health care provider, though. There are many other disorders that share some symptoms of ADHD. Are you sure your child has ADHD? According to the Mayo Clinic, symptoms of ADHD include: difficulty with sustaining attention on a task, frequent failure to follow through with and complete tasks, and problems with organizing. Kids with … Continue reading

20 Diet Plans Reviewed by U.S. News and World Report

This month “U.S. News and World Report” put out a review on 20 diet plans. The diet found to be the best overall, which is not a very well known one, is the “Dash Diet.” It is especially good for heart health but has a lot of other benefits as well. After the “Dash Diet” comes: Mediterranean Diet TLC Diet Weight Watchers Mayo Clinic Diet Volumetrics Diet Jenny Craig Ornish Diet Vegetarian Diet Slim-Fast Nutrisystem Vegan Diet South Beach Diet Eco-Atkins Diet Zone Diet Glycemic-Index Diet Medifast Diet Raw Food Diet Atkins Paleo Diet They also ranked the top 5 … Continue reading

Extreme Way to Lose Weight: Tongue Patch Diet

I recently learned of an extreme way to lose weight, the tongue patch diet. It is a surgical procedure where a doctor uses prolene mesh; a material used to repair hernias and sutures it to the tongue. This makes eating solid foods very painful, limiting a person’s diet to liquids. The patch usually stays on for no more than a month and according to some doctors, it has had success. There are also claims that side effects have been minimal. There is so much to say about such an extreme and potentially dangerous way to “help” someone lose weight. First … Continue reading

Get a Free Coke Zero With Your Turkey Burger

Fast food restaurants cannot usually be described as the best place for someone to find a healthy meal. Despite this, there are many people who crave fast food when they are on a diet. In response, several fast food places have started to offer slightly healthier food choices, like diet beverages and leaner burgers. You can get a coupon for a free Coke Zero drink when you buy a turkey burger from Carl’s Jr. I remember the first time I ate at a Carl’s Jr. restaurant. I grew up in the Midwest, and there weren’t any Carl’s Jr. restaurants where … Continue reading

The Dukan Diet

Last week I watched a segment on “The View” that covered the “Dukan Diet.” There have apparently been some rumors that Kate Middleton was on this diet in order to prepare for her wedding. Of course, that has not been confirmed. The Dukan Diet consists of four phases which are the attack phase, cruise phase, consolidation phase, and ending with the stabilization phase. The attack phase of the Dukan Diet allows for you to eat mostly protein items such as seafood, lean meat, fish, poultry, turkey, dairy, oat and a few other items. This lasts from two to seven days, … Continue reading

Health Insurance Companies Required to Cover Autism

Many states have new requirements for insurance companies this year. In several states, it is now mandatory that health insurance policies will cover the costs of diagnosing and treating autism. The new laws will have a big impact on families who have children who are on the autism spectrum. It can be overwhelming to learn that your child has autism, especially if you don’t have a very clear idea of what that means, or what to do to help your child. The expense involved with diagnosis, treatment, and working with the variety of specialists that your child needs can quickly … Continue reading

Resources to Teach Social Skills from Different Roads To Learning

Social skills are something that all children need to learn. Many children pick up these social skills automatically. However, understanding and using social skills is something that is often difficult for children who have autism. Social skills need to be taught, and practiced. The company Different Roads to Learning has resources that can be used to teach social skills. Different Roads to Learning has been supporting the autism community since 1995. They sell over 500 products designed to be used to help teach specific skills to children with autism. Some of the products they sell can be used in a … Continue reading

Reports From a Resident Alien: The Blog of Lisa Daxer

Lisa Daxer is a 27 year old biomedical engineering major at Wright State University in Ohio. She also happens to be a person with autism. Her blog “Reports from a Resident Alien” is, like many people’s blogs, a series of stories about her day to day experiences. She also writes somewhat anthropological observations about how the people around her, who do not have autism, socially interact with each other. She was interviewed on NPR recently, on their “All Things Considered” show. They have been doing a series called “The Human Edge”, which explores how evolution has made the human species … Continue reading

Pears Over French Fries?

I would not have believed it had I not seen it with my own eyes. For the act, itself, defied all laws of kid physics. The story begins with a craving my wife had for Arby’s curly fries. If you knew my wife, you would know how odd such a craving would be. For her to want something that isn’t leafy and green or didn’t fall out of a tree is out of the ordinary. She had had the craving for a couple days. However, on Saturday morning, we had to drop off some letters at the post office, and … Continue reading

Do Burgers Cause Asthma?

Which came first, the burger or the wheezing? That is a question some doctors are examining after the results of an international study that shows that children who eat three or more burgers a week may be at a higher risk of asthma. As a parent of a child who has asthma, this study sparked my attention. We all know that there is a link between diet and health, of course, but is this a case where there is something in a burger itself that can contribute to respiratory disease, or is it a matter of circumstance and lifestyle. For … Continue reading