Bird Basics: Finches

If you love birds but don’t have much time for a pet, or prefer to watch birds over handling them, then finches are the perfect bird for you.  They’re not too affectionate and don’t like being handled very much, so they’re the perfect pet for an observer. First a note: as with all birds, it’s best to purchase your bird from a reputable breeder.  Before bringing one home, make sure you’ve located a vet in your area that can treat your bird. It’s important that you get more than one finch, as they are social birds and will need the … Continue reading

Killer Cats on the Loose

One of the most popular news stories to break last week was a new estimation of the deaths attributed to domesticated house cats.  We’re not talking people deaths, but the deaths of small birds and mammals; that might seem insignificant, but the number is in the billions.  Researchers from the Smithsonian and the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service found that although the worst offenders are feral and stray cats, one in three domesticated cats also kills animals in its neighborhood.  Those cats average two kills a week. When it’s well-fed, domesticated cats doing the killing, they’re not usually keeping these … Continue reading

Recycling Your Christmas Tree

Well, it’s New Year’s Eve and it is time for out with the old and that includes your live Christmas tree.  I love live trees because they smell so good, but then there is always the question of what to do with it when you are done. Of course, you could always just put it on the side of the curb for trash pickup, but aren’t there some better, greener solutions? There are! First, many communities are now offering Christmas tree recycling pick-ups.  And, if your community doesn’t offer pick-up, they may at least have a location you can take … Continue reading