Home Business Spotlight: Blogger

I would be remiss to look at various types of writing jobs and not address becoming a blogger. We may not think this can be a salary earner but you really can make money blogging. However at the same time we need to be realistic and understand that you won’t be able to retire early as a blogger. Most bloggers do it for free and do it for fun. We enjoy sharing with the rest of the world. This reminds me of one of my favorite movies, “Julie and Julia.” It’s the true story of a woman named Julie Powell … Continue reading

Introducing Scrapbook Blogger

It is no laughing matter the way the scrapbooking industry and grown in every single way. From new methods of scrapbooking to new innovative products just for scrapbookers, it continues to change every single day. And now there is a whole new concept. If you are a scrapbooker, you might truly find this to be right up your alley. Introducing www.scrapbookblogger.com. What do they do there? They make photo books from your blog or blog posts. Sounds cool right? This innovative idea was started by Ashley Cuttino, a lawyer, scrapbooker, blogger and mom who thought it would make a cool … Continue reading

Meet a Families.com Blogger – Valorie Delp!

Welcome to a new series here in Media Reviews, where we will get to know our Families.com bloggers a little bit better. Our first interview will be with Valorie Delp. Valorie, how long have you blogged for Families.com? I started in June of 2006. What topics do you blog about? Currently–homeschooling, food and baby (or as someone else aptly put it–the breastfeeding blog) What is your favorite thing about blogging for Families.com? There are lots of things I like–but one thing that stands out here vs just a plain old freelance writing job, is the community. You get to know … Continue reading

Meet Marriage Blogger Courtney Mroch

Greetings! Some of you may know my work from the blogs I write over in the Pets section or from guest blogs I’ve written in Marriage or a few other sections. I’ll still be contributing to Pets as well, but today I officially join Heather Long and Karri Weathers as a Marriage Blogger. Wooohooo! I’m very excited about keeping company with you all. You, however, might be wondering, “Who is this Courtney Mroch and why is she qualified to write about love, marriage, and relationships?” Well, let’s see if I can answer that… 21 Years and Counting I am married. … Continue reading

Snapshot Of A New Photography Blogger

Your house is on fire! Besides your family members (pets included), what’s the one item you would try to save on the way out? My answer: My photo album. Okay, albums—as many as possible. My firefighter brother would frown upon my answer as he constantly warns people not to grab anything when fleeing a burning building, but then again photography is not his passion like it is mine. My name is Michele Cheplic and I will be joining Nicole Humphrey (who, by the way is doing an incredible job) here in the photography blog. Some of you may know me … Continue reading

New Photography Blogger

The photography blog has sat quietly waiting for a blogger to come and take the reins. Taking on the challenge of the photography blog was a no brainer for me, with my passion for photography and scrapbooking. I will be working with Michele Cheplic, who most of you know from the Travel and Pop Culture blogs. I’m sure many of you have seen me around the scrapbooking and frugal living blogs for well over a year now, and in addition I enjoy hanging around the various forums, especially scrapbooking, blended families and large families. I have now added the photography … Continue reading

Hitting The High Seas On A “Bloggers Cruise”

Have you ever read an incredibly riveting blog and wished you could meet the blogger in person? You aren’t alone. In fact, according to a senior cruise director for Carnival Cruise Lines, the requests for a blogger convention on the high seas reached such a fever pitch that the cruise line decided to give it a shot. Next year Carnival Cruises will host its first-ever “Bloggers Cruise.” The seven-day Western Caribbean cruise will operate roundtrip from Miami, January 19-26, 2008, and will visit Ocho Rios, Jamaica; George Town, Grand Cayman; and Cozumel, Mexico. Prices for the seven-day “Bloggers Cruise” start … Continue reading

Who Is Your Computing Blogger?

Who is that masked woman behind the screen? It is just humble (sic) old me, so humble I forgot to introduce myself! I have been having a lot of fun here in the computing blog since the 23rd of April. Normally, you will find me over in the Frugal Living Blog or any forum that has to do with saving money. But, truth be told, I’ve been a big computer geek for many years. So, when an opportunity came up to fill in for a bit here in the Computing Blog, I just jumped at the chance. Y’see, I have … Continue reading

Good Bye and Thank You!

I have had the great privilege of blogging for Families.com since August of last year. Not only is Families.com a great website, but it is filled with great people with wonderful hearts. I am so thankful for the opportunity to be a part of this internet family to share my love for Christ with others and will continue to do so through the Christian forums. However, I really feel led to move my focus to some other areas of my life. Don’t get me wrong though, I really have loved my job so it’s with a bit of sadness I … Continue reading

Welcome To My New Co-Blogger

Beginning February 1, 2007 there was a new addition to our Christian Blogging family here at Families.com. I am very excited to work along side of Amy who, like me, has love and a passion for Christ, and a desire to share of His goodness with others. Amy has taken the opportunity to introduce herself in her first blog so I won’t go into that here but I encourage you to read it (link provided at the bottom of this page). It really is wonderful to be able to work at a job along side of another Christian. I know … Continue reading