Mommy Blog Bashers

Have you ever considered that you could be helping a struggling single mom of four young children make ends meet each time you click on a link that leads to her blog? Earlier this year Oprah Winfrey devoted an entire show to the “Secret Lives of Moms.” It featured an audience full of women drooling at the chance to discuss the joys and pitfalls associated with raising the next generation. A portion of the episode spoke to a “new” kind of motherhood, in which women no longer suffer in silence about negative parenting experiences, mistakes and lack of maternal instincts. … Continue reading

You Know You Are a Blogger When . . .

Let’s face it, we all like to blog. And those of us who don’t yet blog are just bloggers in embryo – sooner or later, you, too, will be infected. After all, it’s a great way to keep in touch with family and friends, and share ideas. But it can go a bit too far. Here are some of the warning signs: You know you’re a blogger when everything you hear sounds like a blog topic to you. From an overheard conversation in a grocery store that becomes a blog about the importance of price checking, to a comment your … Continue reading

Introducing Scrapbook Blogger

It is no laughing matter the way the scrapbooking industry and grown in every single way. From new methods of scrapbooking to new innovative products just for scrapbookers, it continues to change every single day. And now there is a whole new concept. If you are a scrapbooker, you might truly find this to be right up your alley. Introducing What do they do there? They make photo books from your blog or blog posts. Sounds cool right? This innovative idea was started by Ashley Cuttino, a lawyer, scrapbooker, blogger and mom who thought it would make a cool … Continue reading

What is a Virtual Book Tour?

We all know what a book tour is – an author will travel from town to town, visiting bookstores, schools, church gatherings where appropriate, and either speak directly about their book or about topics related to their book. The author is gone for a week to three weeks, generally, and they hope to generate a lot of sales and name recognition for their efforts. A virtual book tour is a new way to use the Internet for book promotion. The author will arrange for several blog sites and websites to feature either reviews of their book or interviews with the … Continue reading

A Poll of Favorite Frugal Blogs from 2007

There is a vast difference in what those that seek out frugal ideas are looking for. Some people want ideas to save money long term, some immediate and some are looking for ways to simply cut costs and live a more simple and frugal lifestyle. Several weeks ago, I contacted some frugal friends (17 to be exact) of mine. Some have frugal blogs, some are my real life friends and still others responded to my e-mail plea. I asked them to go back through 2007 (January through October) and figure out what their very favorite articles were for each month. … Continue reading

The Top Pets Blogs of 2007: June – December

We started out with a list of the Top Blogs from January through May. To conclude the Year in Review of the Top Pets Blogs, here’s the last six months of the year. June 2007 Top Blogs Adopt-a-Shelter Cat Month Starts Today: How to Participate Moose’s Special New Trick The Trouble With Walking Two Dogs Life Without a Fence Moose’s Bad Luck Continues Murphy, Kitty, and Tabby’s Dilemma: What to Get Wayne for Father’s Day? Fitting a Harness Moose Update: He’s Healing and We’re All Adjusting Animal Movies = Torture: How I Fared Through Evan Almighty July 2007 Top Blogs … Continue reading

The Top Pets Blogs of 2007: January – May

Aimee and I, along with the occasional guest blogger, tried our best to bring you informative, interesting, and entertaining articles this past year. But you seemed to like some more than others. So I decided to do a Year in Review recap of the ones that you responded most to. What Makes a “Top” Blog? Even though you all may enjoy most of the blogs we write, not all of them inspire you to leave comments or rate them. Those that received star ratings made the Top Blogs cut. January 2007 Top Blogs Assistance Dogs of the West and The … Continue reading

New Media and the Church

On Sunday Elder Ballard gave a talk to the students at BYU-Hawaii urging them to take advantage of new media in order to talk about the church. There are numerous blogs across the Internet that talk about various aspects of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. You can find blogs that focus solely on doctrine, and others that focus solely on the social aspects of being LDS. Most are a mixture, like this one. As I think back on the way that the Internet has changed my life, I am grateful for the opportunities it has opened up. … Continue reading

My Favorite Pet Blogs from the Past Year

Below is a list of my favorite articles I wrote during the past year, often with an explanation of what made them memorable. Five Non-Cash Ways to Help Animals/Shelters this Holiday Season: This was my first article to have a comment left on it. Is It Ever Okay to Kick a Dog?: This was my first article to ever get stars. The BMK Fund: This practice is very near and dear to my heart and it was neat to have a platform such as blogging for to share it on. How to Put Your Shopping Dollars to Work Helping … Continue reading

LDS Week in Review – October 15 – 20

It’s been another wonderful week here in LDS. For those of you who may have missed the daily blogs and would like a recap, here you go! Tristi continued to tell us about the family history Sunday School class offered by her ward in “Temple and Family History Work: Salvation for the Living and the Dead.” Then Miriam reported on Sister Julie Beck’s conference address, “What Latter-day Women Do Best: Stand Strong and Immoveable.” Then Miriam addressed a common dilemma faced by parents attending church in her blog, “My Child Won’t Go to Nursery!” It was great to read her … Continue reading