Family Fun on Super Bowl Sunday

The big game is less than four days away.  On Sunday, millions of families will be gathering around their televisions to watch the Baltimore Ravens take on the San Francisco 49ers… or at least to watch the uber-hyped Super Bowl commercials. It would be great if the entire family thought watching a 4-hour game was the epitome of fun.  However, if you have young kids, they may want a bit more to do than just sit on the couch and cheer on men wearing tight pants. If you are looking for super fun ideas that will score big with little … Continue reading

Fun Word Games that Teach

There is a website called Learning Games For Kids. It has free games that kids can play. Each game allows kids to practice a specific concept that has to do with words, spelling, or language. These games can be easily added into your lesson plans, as a fun way to practice a new concept. Learning Games for Kids has games that teach math, health, art and music, geography concepts, science games, and more. They have some excellent word games. There are games designed to let your child practice alphabetizing, spelling, understanding contractions, understanding homophones, and even some poetry concepts! This … Continue reading

Hallway Ball

In the time I’ve spent with my son so far I’ve had some difficulty getting him to play on his own. My attempts to surround him with toys have fallen flat. My work towards entertaining him with anything that isn’t me simply hasn’t worked. When I sit down at my desk and begin to type I am inevitably treated to a view of my son stressfully squeeling and reaching up towards me in some obvoius discomfort. He’s figured me out: when Dad sits down at the computer he is dead to the world and focused on something else. Eventually I … Continue reading

Math Games Are Fun

Math skills can only be improved with practice. Once you have spent time teaching a new math concept, the next step is reiteration. Many students become unmotivated when presented with page after page of math problems. Another, more entertaining option, is to use a math game. There are many advantages to using math games instead of math worksheets. It saves paper, because you wont be printing out a bunch of worksheets every time you want to teach a new math concept. It saves money, because you can avoid purchasing some workbooks. Many online math games are free to play. The … Continue reading

Do I Have To Play Games?

Recently I was at a baby shower and the women at my table got onto the topic of baby shower games. It became quite clear that while some guests enjoy the silly games at showers, some women absolutely despise them. Would you like to: *Guess which candy bar is melted in the diaper? *Mold a baby out of play-doh? *Draw a baby’s face on a paper plate (on your head)? *Unscramble fifty letters to make as many baby-related words as you can? *Guess the gestational period of various animals? *Taste unlabeled jars of baby food and guess what flavor they … Continue reading

Start Looking for Those Games and Puzzles

Now is the time to take a look at the games and puzzles that you may like to buy for the holiday season or for upcoming birthdays. This is because starting now through the beginning of November, you should get the greatest bargains when you purchase certain toys. The stores are trying to get a jump start on the holiday season, so they are starting to test the waters with certain toys. You may find some particular character toys being testing in promotion, but you will really clean up if you focus mostly on the board games and the puzzles. … Continue reading

Inexpensive Ways to Keep Your Preschooler Busy

You just dropped a bundle on back-to-school supplies for your older kids and now you’re scrounging around for money to purchase another box of diapers for your infant. Where does that leave your preschooler? You can show him how much you love him without spending a dime. Simply set up the following activities and have fun playing together: Beads: String some plastic beads onto a straw in an easy pattern of alternating colors. Glue the first and last beads to the straw so they won’t slip off. Give your child another straw and have him string beads to match your … Continue reading

The Value of Playing Games

Have architects and house designers had a negative impact on family life? Yesterday Mick and I went out for the day to look at some exhibition homes in a display village. Not that we have any plans to up and move from where we are, but often it is away to pick up decorating ideas and we did come home with one or two. However the thing that struck me most and saddened me was the idea of parent’s bedrooms often with large parents retreats where they can sit and relax are well away from children’s bedrooms, being at opposite … Continue reading

Last-Minute Easter Games and Crafts

Peter Cottontail is prepping to hop down the Easter trail on Sunday, which means you have less than three days to prepare for his arrival. Forget about the traditional egg hunts and vinegar-based coloring parties; instead opt for these simple and affordable activities that will have your kids hopping with excitement: PIN THE EGG ON THE BUNNY Materials: Poster board Markers Construction paper Double-stick tape Scissors Directions: Use the poster board to draw a large Easter bunny, standing on its hind legs, and holding its paws out as if it were carrying an egg. Tape the drawing onto the wall. … Continue reading

Exercise is Child’s Play

A new study shows that individuals, who have a hard time sticking with structured fitness plans, can still reap the benefits of exercise by participating in child-like play. Researchers maintain that the type of calorie-burning, mind-stimulating play that children often partake in can also benefit older individuals. For example, the study found that tossing a Frisbee, dancing, and rock climbing were some of the most effective ways for adults to incorporate play into their exercise routines. According to the study, which was recently published in the Compendium of Physical Activities, a 150-pound person can burn up to 322 calories by … Continue reading