Bottle Cap Magnets

Our refrigerator is just about covered with bottle caps. The boys and I had great fun making these bottle cap magnets over the last few days. You will need: Metal bottle caps (from soda or beer, or buy plain ones from the craft store) Magnet sheets (the ones that have an adhesive on one side make this extra easy) Glaze (Mod-Podge or Diamond Glaze or what we used – Krylon Clear Glaze) Tacky Glue Pictures, Paper, or Drawings Cut out small circles from magazines, postcards, photos, or plain paper. If the kids want to they can make their own drawings … Continue reading

New Uses for Bottle Caps

Plastic and glass bottles are easy to reuse in some many different ways. But, what about the bottle caps? Reduce your waste and find frugal alternatives. Here are some ideas on new uses for bottle caps. You can use bottle caps to add height to planters, allowing more sun to reach your houseplants. Bottle caps are also great to use as temporary shims. A shim is normally a piece of wood that you buy to make something level. I’ve stuck bottle caps under wobbly appliances, chairs, tables and more, over the years. I also used one to replace a leg … Continue reading

How to Flatten Bottle Caps for Scrapbook Layouts

Bottle caps are a great addition to a scrapbook layout. In an earlier article, I discussed how to use them in your layouts. Now I’d like to focus on getting them onto your layout by flattening them and making them easier to use in your albums. Because bottle caps are very thick and really do create a lot of bulk in your albums, the most effective way to use them is to flatten them. It’s pretty easy and you will wind up with a nice thin embellishment that is pretty much the same thickness of a standard 3-dimensional embellishment. If … Continue reading

Scrapbooking Fun With Bottle Caps

Bottle caps are so much fun to use on your scrapbook layouts and card projects. In fact, they are actually pretty fun to use anywhere. I recently discovered them and have been having a blast. I actually save all the bottle caps I can find and after cleaning them really well, I can use them on my pages. I had no idea that collecting bottle caps could be so much fun. However, you can also purchase blank, colored bottle caps from the scrapbook store that are wonderful to work with as well. I’ve noticed that bottle caps seem to be … Continue reading