Assembling a Basic Tool Kit

Every scrapbooker should have a basic tool kit where they store all the essential supplies that they need for a scrapbooking session. However, the types and brands of the items that fill the kit, will be different for every single scrapbooker. Here are what a typical basic tool kit contains and what to keep them in. First, you need to figure out what you want to put your items in. Many scrapbookers use a tackle box or utility box, however I prefer some type of clear container. This allows you to see inside so you know exactly what you have. … Continue reading

Create Your Own Light Box for Scrapbooking

Light boxes can be expensive. In fact, they range so drastically in price, you almost wonder what the huge difference is, since they can so inexpensively be duplicated or created at home. Making your own light box or making something else work as a light box is really very simple. Here are my four most favorite ways to create your own light box. Windows This is so easy. Hold your papers up to the window, just as you would if you were placing them directly onto the light box. Go ahead and trace. You have a free light box at … Continue reading