Keeping a Genealogy Box

Many families keep old family photographs, letters and treasures in a box. In many cases, the box is a cedar chest or a trunk. Or the box may be an old shoe box or a cigar box. If it has been created recently, it may be kept in a plastic storage container. For those of us who haven’t inherited such a box, we can make one ourselves and ensure that there is one in our own family to be passed down to our children and grandchildren. Here are a few examples: Cedar Chest: The cedar chest has been used for … Continue reading

How Will I Ever Scrapbook All These Photographs?

Organizing your photographs, scrapbooking supplies and tools is only a small, albeit important aspect of scrapbooking. The more organized that you are, the more you will complete. But what about when you take a look at all those photographs and wonder how you will ever get them all done and in albums? Perhaps, if you have been scrapbooking for a long time, you have several albums complete. Some might be bigger and fuller than others, and some might still have a long way to go. Looking around what do you see? Boxes full to the brim, or overflowing with photographs? … Continue reading

The Frugal Move: Free Packing Boxes

Moving can be a big expense; from closing costs or deposits to the price of movers, it starts to add up. We, ourselves, are in the middle of the moving chaos. We’ve found our perfect home and are waiting to sell our current one. Meanwhile, I have been packing up what I can, all of those things we can live without, such as summer clothes, my health and beauty stockpile, extra towels and blankets, some of the kids’ toys and most of my extensive book collection. I never realized how much stuff we have. Even after a major de-cluttering in … Continue reading

You’ve Got Mail!

Every parent knows that children love to play with boxes, sometimes even more than they enjoy playing with the toys that came inside. This is just another imaginative way for them to play with all those boxes. Make a mailbox that looks like a public mailbox by cutting the box to form a slot. Punch a hole in the top center of the slot and thread a piece of string or a rubber band through it. Tie it in a knot. This will make the slot easier to pull open. Paint and decorate the box to make it look more … Continue reading

Fun with Boxes

Children love boxes. Check out these fun ideas that you and your little ones can make from boxes. Toy Refrigerator A box about 2′ long and 1′ wide makes a perfect toy refrigerator when set on one end. Remove the short flaps, and use the long flaps for doors on your new side by side toy fridge. For extra fun, cut a square hole in one door to make an ice dispenser. If you can find a small, open box, cut the hole to fit it and place the box in the hole. Secure it from the inside with packing … Continue reading

Making a Valentines Box

Valentines Day is coming up and for grade school children that often means that it’s time to make a Valentine Box. With just a little extra time and creativity you can create a box that will be the envy of all your child’s classmates. Last year my son and I made a robot box. It was a lot of fun, and turned out great. The Basics 1. First stock up on supplies that can easily be transformed into something wonderful, things like: toilet paper rolls, shoe boxes, tin cans, soda bottles, tissue boxes, cereal boxes, paper towel rolls, milk jugs, … Continue reading