Baby’s Gender Linked to Diet

Are your children more of one gender than the other? Are you hoping specifically for a boy or a girl? New research says that your diet may have something to do with the sex of your baby! And in some developed countries, the proportion of boys is actually falling due to dietary changes. While I often laugh at gender prediction kits, quizzes, and advice, this is one study that actually has some science behind it, so it got my attention. Having had four pregnancies in which three of the pregnancies resulted in boy fetuses and only one in a girl, … Continue reading

Frugal Ceiling Stars

Kids just love those glow-in-the-dark stars that you stick to the ceiling, don’t they. They are generally made out of plastic or come in sticker form. If you want to cover an entire ceiling, these stars can get pretty expensive. Well, here is a smarter way to fill your ceiling with stars for a fraction of the cost. And, as a bonus, these stars take care of the two main problems you get with the store-bought ceiling stars. Either they won’t stay on the ceiling, falling off instead, or they stick so tightly to that ceiling that you can never … Continue reading

Why Do Little Boys Run?

Because that’s what little boys do. I have had at least a dozen well-meaning men tell me this. You see, Tyler runs all of the time. It’s like he’s training for the New York marathon or some similar race. This often leaves me frustrated and asking, “Why are you running!” If any member of the male species is in earshot they always answer my question with the same answer, “Because that’s what little boys do.” As a child I was a tom boy and I liked running and climbing and jumping as much as the next fellow but I did … Continue reading

One Mom, One Son

I am the single mom of three–but only one of my children is a boy. My son is decidedly out-numbered by females in our little family, and it has always been that way. Even when he was very young and his father and I were still married, his father was gone so much that I was always the primary and most present parent. He does get to spend some time with his dad, but his dad still spends most of his time working or away from home so even though he has a father and a male role model, it … Continue reading

A House Full of Boys, Part 2

I recently wrote about the traits of little boys and what a household full of them would look like. People have commented favorably about the article but almost everyone pointed out something that had been left off the list. I am going to try to remember all of the suggestions. Boys really like puddles, especially if they are dressed up for church or school. A young male is simply unable to walk around a puddle. There is so much joy in seeing the splashes and feeling your shoes get wet. Will Moms never learn that rainy days and new clothes … Continue reading

A House Full of Boys

I have three grown natural children and five young adopted children. Seven of the eight are boys. I have grown accustomed to knowing what to expect from them. We have five boys in the house who are very close together in age, two and a half to eight. There are some obnoxious behaviors that boys do and no matter how many times the behavior is corrected, they go back to doing it. Boys love to pick up, carry, swing, sword fight and run with sticks. We live on a wooded lot and there are a lot of sticks to choose … Continue reading

2006 Best Boy Toys

The winner of the Toy Industry Association’s ward for the Best Boy Toy went to an R/C toy called the Shell Shocker. Read on for a description of the toy and the other best boy toy nominees. Shell Shocker Cost: $80-100 Manufacturer: Tyco This is a unique R/C toy that is a monster that morphs from a ball to a beast. It is pretty large so it needs a lot of space to maneuver in. Also watch out for the tail since it can pack quite a wallop. It requires a special battery, which costs an additional $30. Be sure … Continue reading

Would You Allow A Boy – Girl Sleepover?

I recently read an article in the newspaper where a parent wrote in and asked for advice. The parent said that her 16-year old daughter asked if she could have a boy sleep over at her home. The parent refused to allow the boy to sleep over and offered instead to pick him up and take him back home so that the two could spend some time together. The daughter replied that all of her friends are having boys sleep over, some of them even in their rooms. The parent wanted to know if she was the one “out of … Continue reading

Those Wonderful Boys

A few years ago someone made a comment that I thought was odd, but have grown to understand. This person said to me something like-“I really feel for you being a single mother and of two boys nonetheless.” At first I thought it was a little bit of a chauvinistic comment, but I have come to realize that this person really had some keen insight into boyhood. In general, boy’s needs are different from the needs of girls, especially as they get older. As a former girl-I know I need some help to find out what boys need to grow … Continue reading

Page Toppers and Quotes for Sons, Daughters, Boys and Girls

Page Toppers For Boys Boys only, no girls allowed Boys will be Boys First Set of Wheels I’ve been working on the railroad Just me and my Dad Like father like son Little boys and their toys Little boys are angels too. Mom’s “Son”flowers Our little cowboy Snakes and snails and puppy-dog tails …. that’s what little boys are made of. So handsome Son Flowers Tool Time Tough as nails You Are My “SONSHINE” You Gotta Be a Football Hero Quotes for Boys “Of all the animals, the boy is the most unmanageable” -Plato quotes “Boys will be boys. And … Continue reading