Scrapbooking Jewelry

A scrapbooker is always on the lookout for any fun gifts or gadgets that show off their love of scrapbooking. With each passing day, dozens of items have made their debut on the scrapbooking gifts circuit. Just look at the great jewelery items I found. Penny Michelle carries some of the gorgeous pieces you see below. She has these pieces for sale on her website, but she also takes special orders. You can customize what type of piece you would like, and what items you would like it made with. She has dozens of designs that are for scrapbookers and … Continue reading

Key Chain Crafts for Kids

Even if your kids don’t really need key chains yet, they may still like to collect them. At our elementary school, the trend seems to be having as many key chains as possible hanging from book bags, backpacks, purses, and jackets. Laura Torres shared a zipper pull craft a while back that can also be easily adapted or used as is for a key chain. You can also make a similar style using plastic tops from soda bottles. You can find plain key rings at most any discount store, craft shop, or super center. Your kids can also make other … Continue reading

Crocheted Accessories

Using a simple chain stitch, your kids can create lots of fun crocheted belts, necklaces, bracelets, and other accessories, including items for their rooms. Kids can make cute items from yarn, twine, embroidery floss, ribbon, rawhide, fabric, or strings of tiny beads. Pick up different sizes of crochet hooks for these projects. You will need small ones for twine or floss and large for heavier materials. You will need lengths or material about two to three yards long to make belts and things of that nature, while you can generally “guestimate” the sizes need for other projects. For a bracelet, … Continue reading

Activities That Teach #9 Nature Walk Bracelets!

Spring is here, and it’s the perfect time to take a nature walk with your child. These bracelets are super easy; they give you and your child an activity to do while you’re exploring, and they make terrific souvenirs of the outing! (Boys like them, too.) They’re so fun, your child might want to make more than one! What you will need: Masking tape (A wider band is better, and it should be nice and sticky.) Nature and a beautiful day What to do: Using the masking tape, make a bracelet around your child’s wrist, where the sticky part of … Continue reading