Things That Go Bump In The Night

When I was married I didn’t worry about things like noises in the night or spiders. After all, I had a husband and he always took care of those things. This was not something I thought about before the divorce but once I was living alone I found that there wasn’t anyone else around to kill my spiders. It was time to put on my big girl panties and deal with creepy crawlies and things that go bump in the night. Those first few nights were the worst. I had never actually lived alone in my life. I left my … Continue reading

The Empty Highlighter

In one of the classes that I teach (acting) I used to have the students participate in an exercise I call the “highlighter game.” It was meant teach the students something about specificity, imagination, and simplicity regarding objects. One by one each of the students would draw an attribute from a hat filled with small pieces of paper and imbue the highlighter with that attribute from point A to point B. Simple. I’ve kept that relatively unused highlighter ever since as a simple reminder of how simple learning can be with the right idea. Earlier this week, however, something happened … Continue reading

TV Falls on Toddler

Before our home could be licensed as a foster home, we had to do a great deal of baby proofing. We would have done it all anyway, as we wanted to provide a safe environment for all children in our care. All furniture that is tall and can tip has been anchored to the wall. A toddler very close to me met a tragic end because he climbed up an unanchored dresser to get to the TV on top. He would have been two not long after the accident. We have an enormous TV in our living room. There’s no … Continue reading

Running in the Dark: Be Noticed!

Like many people with busy schedules, running in the very early morning hours or after nightfall seem to be a convenient time for me to run. Mine is now grown, but I remember the days when the house was silent and I would get up to fit my morning exercise in. There was something very special about that time of day. There was nobody asking me things and I got a chance to do a lot of thinking without any interruptions. I had my cup of coffee in silence and it gave me a chance to “get my head together”. … Continue reading

The Confusing Process of Learning

My son is starting to get excited about things. He used to just be interested in what was right in front of his face: small objects, fingers, blanket corners. These small things helped him figure out the amazing things his hands could do. He controlled these amazing things floating in his visual field. He could turn them and twist them and move them up and move them down. He could animate other parts too but with less certainty. Soon enough he could use individual fingers to manipulate zippers or grab blankets or flip light switches. He could not only pick … Continue reading

Bus Crashes at Disney World

I haven’t addressed the constant crashes at Disney parks because I figured that these things happen. I didn’t want to contribute to alarmism, and I thought I’d wait and see how Disney addressed the problem. But the crashes keep happening, so I’m wondering what’s going on. It’s really getting inexcusable. Three accidents within less than three weeks. Several people have been injured, and in one horrible incident, a nine-year-old boy was killed. Parks have accidents, and that’s something we accept when we go to them. But if this were a ride that had that many accidents within a short period … Continue reading

The Crawling Monster

My son has finally figured out crawling. He’s figured it out in a big way and my wife and I are starting to see what a massive change that actually is for our small family. Our son has the ability not only to move but to move quickly and decisively. I’m sure that all of the veteran parents are kindly laughing at me but it truly is quite a shock. Somehow I had thought that we’d seen the worst with his inaccurate wiggling from place to place. Boy was I wrong. Now our son doesn’t just not stay were we … Continue reading

Safety of Slings

If you’re a parent who keeps up with baby product news, you no doubt have seen phrases similar to the following in recent headlines: “Sling recall.” “Slings blamed for infant deaths.” “Are any baby slings safe?” Due to the recent recall of two sling models manufactured by a well-known baby product company, many parents are questioning the safety of their baby carriers. Parents who formerly were convinced of the benefits of baby wearing are now wondering if the benefits are worth the risks. According to the Consumer Product Safety Commission, 13 infant deaths have been associated with sling-style carriers over … Continue reading

Stay Away from BPA

We already know that BPA is dangerous. It has been linked to fertility problems, cancer, and sexual dysfunction in men, among other defects. There has been a big push to remove BPA from the plastics that we come in contact with every day. If you walk through the baby aisle, you’ll notice that most of the bottles are in packaging boldly marked, “BPA Free.” Many people have switched to using aluminum water bottles as a precaution as well. We know BPA is dangerous, and we have taken steps to protect ourselves and our families, but now we know more about … Continue reading

Car Seat Safety Following A Car Accident

My family was in a car accident this past week. We were inside our car, which was parked in a Walmart parking lot. I had just finished buckling our infant daughter into her car seat when a car struck us on the driver’s side front door. After getting everyone out of the car, calling 911, and calming our unsettled nerves, I began to consider the lasting impact of the car accident. Would all three of us be sore the next morning? Should I take my daughter to the doctor to be examined? The biggest question on my mind was the … Continue reading