Diary of a Cat Care B&B: Family Dynamics

Many of our guests at the cats-only boarding facility are “only children” — they are they only pet in the house. Or at least the only cat. But we do have some families that come to stay. Some are actually related by blood; others are family in name and dynamic only. Recently, we had a pair of male cats at the boarding facility. We didn’t have a crowded house, and were able to put the boys in an isolation room together. (When things are crowded, we often have to use the isolation rooms for overflow from the main boarding room.) … Continue reading

All About Me: All My Sisters and Brothers

This is a fun topic for me to journal about in my all about me album. Why? Because I grew up with only one brother. We were close. But when I got older, I decided to search for my biological mother, and when I did I found two more brothers and a sister. Several years later my mother got remarried and now I have four step sisters. So growing up with one sibling and jumping to eight, is strange! I have loads to journal about. Spend some time thinking about your brothers and/or sisters growing up. Do you have older … Continue reading

“My brother’s got it, too.” Siblings with Juvenile Diabetes

This photograph makes me smile, because it shows the playful personality of my boys so well. (I have two other sons, Kyle and Liam, and three daughters not pictured.) Riley, age eleven, is finally getting into the groove of his diabetic routine. It has been two months since his diagnosis. For an eleven-year-old, he’s amazingly responsible and careful. Yet there’s something so unfair about a kid having to spend his life giving himself shots. I’m very proud of how he’s handling all this. At first, he was reluctant to give himself the injections, and we didn’t push the issue. His … Continue reading

The Men in Our Lives

Have you ever ended up in the middle of struggle for dominance between your husband and another man in your life, such as your dad or your brother? It is a difficult position to find yourself in and no wants to be forced to choose between the family that raised her and the family she’s made. It can be a very trying experience and it usually ends with someone having hurt feelings. That person may be you. If there is any way to lessen the tension or separate the men until things cool off, it is wise to do so. … Continue reading

A Couple of Wise Guys…

My two oldest sons are quite a pair. They have an affectionate, hilarious bond, as brothers. Garrett (in sunglasses) is fifteen, a straight A student, and extremely bright. He’s one of those kids that can smooth talk his way out of most anything. I don’t often see him doing much homework, yet he pulls off sensational grades. Tests and quizzes come easily for him. He’s an aspiring musician, and the house is usually filled with the rollicking sounds of his piano tunes in the living room or his voice singing through the closed door of his bedroom. Garrett has juvenile … Continue reading

Brother vs. Brother

Hello from Texas! I’m here for my niece’s baptism and am having a wonderful week with my brother and his family. As I pondered this morning what to discuss in my blogs, the upcoming Sunday School lesson came to mind, Joseph and the Coat of Many Colors, my ancestor. I thought back to where my earliest knowledge of brother vs. brother began, it was Jesus Christ vs. Lucifer, a former son of the morning. Then my mind jumped ahead to Abel and Cain, where Cain’s ultimate jealousy brought about the murder of his brother, Abel. Moving ahead in time came … Continue reading