Scrapbooking Week in Review for August 6-12th, 2007

A passion for scrapbooking seems to be in abundance lately. Loads of new scrapbook items are being released following the the annual CHA and scrapbookers are scrambling to get their hands on the new products. Let’s see what has been happening in the scrapbooking blog this week. Memory Planner by Karen Foster Designs Organizing is the key to productivity. If you are struggling along in your organizational methods for scrapbooking, perhaps this is the ticket to freedom. Want to get more done? Check out the Memory Planner by Karen Foster Designs. The Scrapbook Adhesive Gun Every Scrapbooker Should Get One … Continue reading

Two More Great Ideas For Budget Scrapbook Supplies

Still on a mission, I have constantly been on the lookout lately, for some new things to use on my scrapbook layouts. I am a pretty frugal scrapbooker, as well as being fairly simple. I’ve been working on stepping outside my comfort zone, so finding things that might otherwise get thrown away and can now be used in a new light, creatively, is always a plus. There are dozens of undiscovered items you could probably use in your scrapbooks, you just have to be creative and see outside the box. Look beyond the norm, and you might be surprised at … Continue reading

All New Budget Scrapbooking Supplies

On the quest for new and easy to obtain, budget conscience supplies for scrapbooking, I have found myself being creative and unique. The best part of this, is that my pages are original and really fun to create using these new supplies I’ve discovered along the way. So what are these great ideas? Here are just a few. Pockets Sure, everyone has created a pocket on their page. But have you thought of cutting a pocket out of an old shirt or pair of pants and using it on your scrapbook page? It looks great with the new embroidered tag … Continue reading

Scrapbooking Finds At A Non-Scrapbooking Store

Sometimes a store that isn’t an actual scrapbook store, is a great place to shop for materials and supplies for your scrapbooks. Some stores actually carry items that are made for scrapbooking. And some stores carry items that aren’t made for scrapbooking but could be used for scrapbooking. Here is a nice list of places to look for scrapbooking supplies besides the norm. Target Not only does Target have a scrapbooking section, they also have a dollar spot section in the front of the store. The dollar spot area is where they clearance off a lot of scrapbooking related supplies. … Continue reading