Sail Into Super Savings

The new week has generated a tidal wave of savings for cruise fans.  If you are a veteran high seas voyager or you’re looking to take your first major sail, now is the time to act. Norwegian Cruise Line just announced a new promotion which issues free upgrades to passengers with new bookings.  The “Upgrade and Go” sale allows travelers to book a balcony cabin for the price of an oceanview cabin, or an oceanview cabin for the price of a windowless interior cabin. The sale is applicable to Caribbean, Bahamas, Florida, Hawaii and Europe cruises.  In addition, customers booking … Continue reading

Getting More Bang for Your Hotel Buck

Is there anything more irritating to a frugal traveler than having to pay hundreds of dollars for a single hotel room that you only have access to for less than 24 hours? In many cases, hotels are cutting corners even more by pushing back check-in time to 4 p.m. and moving up check-out time to 11 a.m. What a rip-off. Fortunately, some hotels are offering budget-conscious guests a reprieve by allowing for later check-out times on Sunday morning.  For example, Westin Hotels & Resorts recently debuted a “Make Monday Better” deal for travelers looking to extend their weekend stay.  The program … Continue reading

Consider a Cheap Cruise

Despite video of stranded ships and tales of irate passengers going viral, the cruise industry insists that it is not sinking.  However, in an effort to entice travelers, many cruise companies are offering super sales on late summer sailings. If you are looking to take the plunge and book a voyage in the near future, consider the following to keep costs down: Travel Agents:  If you are a first-time cruiser, opt to use an experienced travel agent.  Many of these travel experts that specialize in cruises do not charge for their services because they are paid a commission by the … Continue reading

Be Smart When Dealing with Discounts

Paper coupons, online coupon codes, group rates, and military discounts are spectacular ways to save big bucks when traveling to amusement parks.  However, not all discounts are authentic.  Each year, thousands of complaints are filed with the Better Business Bureau regarding counterfeit deals.  To protect yourself from getting ripped off this summer, consider the following: Research:  When you see a coupon that appears too good to be true, go online and check it out.  Sites such as feature fraudulent coupon offers.  The popular website also gives tips on how to avoid using expired coupon codes.  It also has a … Continue reading

Free and Fun in San Diego

San Diego is home to gorgeous beaches, awe-inspiring architecture, vibrant cultural events and near-perfect weather.  Fortunately, partaking in all the SoCal city has to offer doesn’t have to put a strain on your family’s budget. If you are looking to soak up some fun and sun in San Diego this summer, but don’t have a ton of cash to burn, consider checking out these free options: Grunion Run:  This popular summer event celebrates a natural phenomenon featuring huge schools of tiny fish.  When the tide is high and the moon is full hundreds of humans gather to watch thousands of … Continue reading

Flying High Without High-Flying Prices

Everyone loves a sale, but when discounted prices are associated with air travel, frugal vacationers’ hopes begin to soar a bit higher.  Unfortunately, not all sales equate to rock-bottom prices. The trick to getting the most bang for your buck is to examine the fine print.  Just because you see an advertisement by a major airline regarding an airfare sale, it doesn’t mean you will saving a ton of cash.  In most cases, airfare sales come with a long list of restrictions, including specific dates, times and destinations. Airline insiders are quick to point out that most commercial carriers offer … Continue reading

More Ways to Save at Theme Parks

Treating the family to a day at a theme park can put a huge strain on your household budget.  In some cases, paying for two adults and two children to enter, eat, drink and play some games at a reputable amusement park can total more than a month’s worth of groceries, utilities or gas. If you are pinching pennies, but still want to enjoy a fabulous summer day at a major theme park, consider taking advantage of these discounts: GROUP RATES Many theme parks around the country offer huge savings for guests visiting in groups, including companies, schools, religious organizations, … Continue reading

Hotels: Getting the Most Bang for Your Buck

Hotel rooms aren’t cheap.  Adding insult to injury is the fact that many properties are now moving back check-in times, so by the time you are forced to check-out you’ve barely been in the place for 18 hours. How do you justify forking over $200 for a room you aren’t given the opportunity to be in for 24 hours?  Or worse, consider having to park yourself in the hotel’s lobby after a long flight simply because you arrived prior to the set check-in time. What a waste of time; precious time that you can’t put a price tag on. To … Continue reading

Why It Pays To Read the Fine Print

There’s nothing worse than losing money when you don’t have to. Traveling doesn’t come cheap, so when it’s time to take flight, hit the road or ride the rails it’s a good idea to read the fine print before you fork over your hard-earned cash. For example, many jet-setting travelers think they are scoring big time by signing up for airlines’ frequent flyer credit cards.  However, unless you read all the details associated with the enrollment process, becoming a member may end up costing you more than you bargained for.  Sure, you’re earning bonus miles each time you use the … Continue reading

Spring Fling Without the Cha-Ching!

April showers bring May flowers… in your hotel room. It’s not often that you hear of hotels giving guests something for nothing, but this spring, the Hyatt Century City in Los Angeles is gifting visitors with the sweet smell of seasonal blossoms—for free. The popular L.A. lodging recently installed a flower cart beside its front desk. Upon check-in, guests are given a small vase and told they can design their own floral arrangement to bring up to their room, at no extra charge.  Blossoms range from tulips, daisies, and irises to chrysanthemums, sunflowers and carnations.  According to Hyatt staff, the … Continue reading