Mending Your Clothes

There are many times where green living and frugal living go hand in hand and this is one of them. Have you ever opened your closet and found clothes you never wear? Sometimes I do that and ask myself “Why?” Why have all this clutter when I don’t use or need it? One way to keep from cluttering up your closet with clothes is to be able to repair the ones you have and actually use. Sometimes something small happens and rather than fix it, we toss the item or worse yet, leave it in the closet and never use … Continue reading

Whimsical Touches for Plain Bedding & Fabrics

If you had to choose solid colored bedding in order to get the right color, or if you are incorporating hand me down bedding into a younger child’s room, you don’t have to settle for plain, solid bedding or other fabric treatments. There are some really simple ways to dress up plain or existing treatments to give them new life and to add some fun, whimsical touches. Novelty Buttons Check out a local fabric store, craft store or notions section and look at all the cool buttons. They do cost a little more than typical buttons, but there are some … Continue reading

An Easy and Ready-made Homebased Business

If you’re looking for an easy to start business, think buttons! I did. Pin-on buttons are found everywhere you look. Fastened to shirts, hats, car visors, and backpacks, they’re an easy way to decorate your clothes or to say something about yourself. Badge-A-Minit sells inexpensive button making machines. They claim to sell the World’s Lowest Priced button making machine. For $49.95 you can purchase a hand press along with all the supplies needed to create your first 25 buttons. This particular hand press is made to hold in your hand and squeeze the button together. I bought one of these … Continue reading

Breathing New Life Into Old Supplies: Buttons

Everyday it seems there is some new scrapbook supply or technique on the market. With all the new, fun stuff to try out, often the most basic supplies get overlooked. Buttons are a perfect example of this. They are available in a large variety of sizes and colors, shapes and textures. They are so easy to use on a scrapbook page layout and in other paper projects. Here are a couple of new ways, to use those old buttons in your stash. Create bullet points for a list. Using the buttons as the bullet, make lists to include on your … Continue reading