Getting Organized for the New Year

As I prepare for the New Year, I am filled with inspiration. The New Year always feels like a fresh start, a chance to make specific plans for adjusting the way that I do things so that I can have more of what I want in my life. Since I work from home, it is a good time to think about adjustments that I could make to the way that I do business. A few days ago, I took the time to give myself “annual reviews” for both of my businesses. Based upon both of those reviews and how I … Continue reading

E-mailing Schedules

The other day, I got the most incredible e-mail. My eldest daughter sent me an e-mail listing the activities she’d scheduled for the coming week—including who she was going to be hanging out with, any money she might need, and other savory details. I have to tell you it was an organized mom’s dreams come true! I thought it was even better than having her tell me a half dozen times or put them on the kitchen calendar. Not only do I have the e-mail document, but I was able to jot things down into my datebook while I was … Continue reading

The Fresh 2008 Calendar

This morning, I unwrapped my 12-month, poster-sized wall calendar and put it up over my desk—there they were—the twelve months of 2008 stretched out ahead of me like a blank slate. But then, I took my little black Sharpie and started to write in deadlines, scheduled business trips and other work details and I realized that I’ve already started on the coming year—even if the first day of 2008 hasn’t even arrived yet! For me, until I actually “see” the dates and weeks start to stack up, the coming year is still just an idea—a clean slate with no mistakes … Continue reading

Getting Ready to “Close the Books”

I really cannot believe that 2007 is nearly over. In addition to all the personal and familial changes and developments over this past year (the year I turned forty, by the way)—it has been a busy and growing year in my home business as well. As I look at the calendar and realize there are only three weeks or so left in the calendar year, I realize it is nearly time to “close the books” on another business year too. There are a few things to wrap up before the year turns over, and then there will be the collecting … Continue reading

Kids Calendar

Do you know those calendars that you can purchase complete with your own photos? I recently mentioned one in the Deals blog, a photo calendar that was on sale for only $14.99. while that is a good deal, why not get creative and have a calendar for free? Absolutely free. Now, you might think that I am talking about making your own calendar using your own photos and creating the months by hand. While that method can certainly save you money, it is very messy and time consuming. It also costs you some money when you print out your photos. … Continue reading

Walgreens Photo Deals

Walgreens is having a nice little deal that is just in time for the holidays. They are offering you a free 8×10 photo and free in-store pick up. This is a deal that has got to be a no brainer. After all, who couldn’t use a free 8×10 photo, right? And you don’t have to worry about shipping costs or having it delivered in time. Because of the in store pick up, you can even have your gift recipient pick it up at their own Walgreens across the country. Just go to the Walgreens photo website by clicking here. … Continue reading

Closing Out the Year

For those of us who operate our home businesses on a calendar year schedule (instead of an otherwise defined “fiscal year”) we are in the final quarter of yet another year. With only a couple months and a handful of days to go before the end of 2007, it is time to think about tasks and planning to wrap up another year. For me, it means making sure that all my income records are up to date, compiling invoices, receipts, and other details, and preparing to file my taxes after the start of the coming year (2008), but it also … Continue reading

Christmas is How Many Days Away?

In case you haven’t checked the calendar lately, you now officially have twenty-five days left until Christmas. I know that you know it’s coming soon, but do you ever get so caught up in trying to get stuff done that the days just seem to slip by? I do. Then I find myself gasping, “Only twenty-five days left!” in shock that so many days have disappeared and I have so much left to do. This is for everybody that didn’t realize the countdown had started. I know there are some of you out there. I know some people that haven’t … Continue reading

It’s Time to Make Advent Calendars!

Do you know what an advent calendar is? Basically, it is a cool calendar that helps you mark off the days until Christmas. Now, let’s get on to making one so you can start marking off the days! Paper Advent Calendar Here’s what you need: The December page from a calendar or a blank calendar Markers Decorative stamps, stickers, or trinkets Glue Individually wrapped candy Tape Stapler Ribbon Here’s what you need to do: If your calendar page isn’t printed, look at a calendar and write down the days and dates appropriately within each square using brightly colored markers. Decorate … Continue reading

Holidays and Family Schedules

Wow! There is so much to do, not only to get ready for various holidays, but also the various events throughout the holiday season. There are informal get-togethers with friends and colleagues, community events, school plays, pageants, and more! It can be enough to run even the most organized family ragged, trying to squeeze everything in. That’s why planning is essential. Writing everything down, complete with dates and times, will help you get a much better grasp of the situation. You’ll be able to easily see where conflicts in scheduling may arise, in advance, so you can plan and rearrange … Continue reading