Simple Valentine’s Day Projects for the Entire Family

Here are a couple of simple crafts suitable for the entire family. Whether you make these sweet cards as a group or you plan to help the kids design them for your spouse, parents or in-laws, they are appropriate for all skill levels. Take a look: SPONGE PAINT VALENTINE’S DAY CARD Materials: Construction paper or card stock Paper plate Red or pink paint A new sponge Scissors or pinking shears Pen or crayons White craft glue Glitter, sequins, ribbon, buttons, stickers or other embellishments Directions: Fold paper in half for a traditional card. If you want a smaller card (the … Continue reading

Easy Last-Minute Valentine Projects

My superstitious friend was so focused on the fact that Friday the 13th is two days away that she completely forgot that Saturday is Valentine’s Day. Fortunately, she is married to one of the most laid-back guys around, and I doubt that he would have raised an eyebrow had she overlooked the holiday. If you too suddenly realized that Love Day is just three days away, then you might consider making the following homemade Valentine’s Day crafts. Not only are they inexpensive and simple to create, but they’ll also be appreciated by just about any Valentine from grandparents and spouses … Continue reading

Holiday Printables

From gift tags to gift wrap, it is fun and easy to print out your own holiday elements to brighten the season. You’ll use these resources for gift giving, cookie swapping, card sending and more. Christmas Gift Tags The M&M guys are at it again. This time, they are helping us welcome in the holidays with personalized gift tags. There are three colorful tags to choose from. My favorite is the yellow M & M stuck in a stocking. Click here to check them out for yourself. Christmas Tree Wrap Set Coordinate your gift giving with a complete matched … Continue reading

Valentine’s Day for the Whole Family

While you may have plans to do something special with or for your spouse on Valentine’s Day, it can also be an event celebrated by the entire family. Your home can become a Valentine’s Day wonderland with just a few quick, special touches. Balloons I love balloons. They are festive and make great decorations for any occasion. Even just a few plain red balloons will change the mood, although you can find a great assortment of styles and colors especially for Valentine’s Day. Streamers You don’t have to reserve streamers for birthday parties. They add color and fun to any … Continue reading

Valentine’s Day: Six Days and Counting

Are you running out of time? There are only six days left until Valentine’s Day! Do you have it all planned? Are you ready? If time or money (or both) are tight this year, the following ideas may provide some inspiration for your Valentine’s Day celebration: Make a Gift Put together a pocketsize photo album filled with pictures of the two of you. Include photos from when you were dating, from your wedding, your first Christmas together, etc. Another idea is to start a scrapbook for your spouse. Add concert ticket stubs and other “souvenirs” from special dates along with … Continue reading

Love Notes: Do Something Different

Try this: do something different to surprise your spouse. It doesn’t have to be anything crazy, just something to change things up a little every once in a while. Make Breakfast or Lunch a Treat Get up in the morning with your spouse sometime, even if you do not have to be up that early. Make coffee or tea and have it waiting when he or she wakes up. Make breakfast or pick up some muffins and fruit and spend a little early morning time together before your spouse has to take off for the day. Show up and surprise … Continue reading

Love Notes: Say it with Pride

Does your spouse know how proud you are of him or her? Do you just assume it’s true, or do you actually tell your mate you feel that way? Even if you frequently tell your husband or wife, “I love you,” it is also a good idea to let your spouse know how proud you are to be married to him or her, and how much you think of your mate as a person. When you meet new people, are you excited to introduce them to your spouse so they can see the terrific person that shares your life? Tell … Continue reading

Create Your Own Postage Stamps

After spending time creating a custom card or invitation, it would be nice to be able to add a personal touch to the envelope too. Although there are many options for personalizing the envelope, creating your own postage stamps could be just the solution you are looking for to create a fun and customized card. allows you tp upload your own photo and then print it out as real USPS postage. There are many fun possibilities with this product. This would be great to use on baby announcements. You could include a favorite picture on the new baby on … Continue reading

Cheerios Racing – Pay Me! Get $10 Gas Card with Purchase of 10 General Mills

You could do this deal straight up and it would be a bargain. But I know that some of these items will be on sale in the next month or so. I didn’t want to wait, plus I already had some of the coupons. If you don’t have the coupons, you might think about purchasing them from a clipping service. Fees vary, but most charge a nickel or a dime apiece to find and clip them for you. If you don’t yet have your coupons organized, it can be worth it. If I had bought a clipping of ten coupons … Continue reading

What is a Swap?

I’m sure that you know that the term “swap” means to trade or exchange something with someone or something else. But how does that relate to scrapbookers? A scrapbook layout or card swap can be a wonderful way for us to find new ideas and make new friends. Swaps are usually organized by the group leader generally known as the hostess. She gets to decided what (if any) the theme will be for the swap, how many people will participate, deadlines and anything else important to her particular swap. The hostess can choose to do a swap with her local … Continue reading