Cardstock: A Rainbow of Colors

There are millions of colors in the world, in different tints and shades. Have you ever walked through a paper aisle and been overwhelmed at all of the colors you are given to choose from? How do you know that the shade of blue you are picking will work with the background paper you want to use with it? There are a few ways you can make sure that you get the colors you want so that when you sit down to scrapbook, you don’t find out the shade doesn’t fit your photographs or other supplies. Take It With You … Continue reading

Paper Storage and Organization Tips

Paper is what most scrapbookers have the most of in their stash. There are two different types that need to be stored and organized – patterned paper and cardstock. In between those are the specialty papers like mulberry, velvet, vellum and others. So how does one go about organizing and storing their paper? There are two methods of storage; vertical and horizontal. There isn’t one way that works better than the next, it is a personal choice and a space issue. If you have nowhere to store your paper, than you are a bit flexible in how you achieve the … Continue reading

Technique Tuesday: One Sheet of Cardstock Mini Book

Welcome to our very first technique article. This technique was inspired by some scrapbooker’s who were tired of wasting cardstock to create smaller embellishments, albums and cards. It always seemed there was extra leftover, and they wanted a new way to create without waste. Who knew there was actually a way to create a fabulous looking mini album using only one piece of cardstock? These make a terrific Mother’s Day gift for mom’s and grandma’s, or Father’s Day gift for father’s and grandpa’s. One Sheet Mini Book What you will need: 1 Sheet of Cardstock Cardstock and Patterned Paper Scraps … Continue reading

The Truth About Bazzill Basics Papers

By now if you have been scrapbooking for any length of time, you have heard of Bazzill Cardstock. Have you ever wondered what the big deal is? Have you ever thought to yourself “What makes this paper so unique?”. Or maybe you are already a Bazzill user. If that’s the case, you’ll know exactly what I’m talking about. Bazzill is an exceptional cardstock. I will not call it the best, because who am I to judge that. But I will say, that the majority of scrapbookers agree, it is a top of the line cardstock with an absolutely amazing variety … Continue reading

Fall Crafts: Framed Poetry and Leaf Art

If your child likes to write poetry, that’s great. If not, no problem. You can go online with your child and help him or her find a cute autumn poem or an inspirational message to use for this project. Pick up sheets of cardstock or pretty computer paper that is the proper size and weight for your printer. Choose an attractive font, and print the poem in the center of the page (or off to one side, wherever you don’t plan to decorate). Trim the page down to 8” x 10” or be sure to select a larger frame. Take … Continue reading

Use That Cardstock!

We all have it. Stockpiled everywhere in your scrap area. In beautiful colors like scarlet, spruce, canary, cotton candy, lipstick, sea breeze, powder and raindrop, it’s not wonder that scrapbookers cannot keep their hands on these wonderful papers. Every time I go to the scrapbook store I must come home with at least 6-10 new sheets of beautiful, luscious colors to create beautiful layouts on! In fact, my favorite thing I’ve organized so far was my cardstock! I love the array of rainbow colors that sits on my shelves. They are beautiful to look at, and with all the unique … Continue reading

$300 for a Year of Scrapbooking – What Would You Do?

Around a year ago, I made a friend who was going to go overseas with her husband for a year while he was in the service. Wherever it was she was headed to, pretty much meant no scrapbook supplies for a year. Can you imagine that? I’m not sure I would survive a year without access to scrapbook supplies. However, her husband gave her $300 and told her to purchase what she could for the entire year. Obviously developing or digital prints were not included in that amount. She was able to use the online digital print services for that … Continue reading

Must Have Supplies for Scrapbooking

What are my MUST have’s for scrapbooking? I am asked this all the time. So here is my must have list! Complete with many PERSONAL favorites! Cardstock – this is the base of all pages! You must have cardstock. My favorite is Bazzil Basics! Great texture and fun to use! Cardstock is the one necessity in scrapbooking next to the photos! Patterned paper is an absolute no-brainer. However I am choosy. I don’t buy anything that is busy, or “gender” specific unless I have something in mind already. I also try to buy paper “packs” so I get the most … Continue reading

The Quest For Perfect Scrapbooking Paper Storage

In my quest for the perfect paper storage, I have tried a couple of different types and thought I’d share my trial and errors here with all of you. Please keep in mind, that what works for me, might not work for you. And what did not work for me, might be the perfect paper storage solution for you. There is no right or wrong way to store your papers, only what works for you. As I was researching paper storage, I also came across the issue of 8.5×11 vs. 12×12 papers. Storage methods can be the same or different … Continue reading

Getting Started: Basic Scrapbooking Supplies Part One

Are you interested in scrapbooking, but not sure where to begin? I would like to share some tips to hopefully make getting started easier. There are a few basic tools that you will need. An album and cardstock are two of the most important items you will need to purchase when getting ready to make a scrapbook. Here are some things to look for when considering which album or cardstock to buy. Album While there are many types of albums to choose from, my favorite is a post bound album. You can add page protectors to the album and the … Continue reading