Frugal Cinco de Mayo

Want to have a fun way to celebrate the day without spending a lot of money? Here are some fun ideas that you can use to celebrate, Cinco de Mayo. If you are planning a party, you can make some frugal choices without compromising the fun. Stick to a simple and low cost menu. Corn cakes are easy and frugal to make, as are the traditional fish tacos. Don’t go crazy on exotic spices or exotic food. A simple dip along with nachos can fill everyone up as an appetizer. Consider having a pot luck Cinco de Mayo party. Ask … Continue reading

Family Birthday Celebrations

With six people in our family, we manage to make our own party, even if no one else is present. So, this week one of my daughters is having a birthday and it happens to fall on a weekday, leaving us to have a family party on the actual date. She’s planning to have a friend or three over on the weekend, but we’ll make sure she feels special on her big day. Some of the things we like to do for family birthdays are listed below. I hope you’ll like some of these ideas, or maybe you’ll share some … Continue reading

Celebrate Life

With the many duties and responsibilities that we have each day, it is very easy to lose focus on the things that are important to us. By daily recognizing things that are good in our lives, I believe that we will live a happier and more fulfilling life. What does this have to do with scrapbooking? I think that by enjoying life and appreciating all that is going well in our lives, we will find more moments that we want to preserve through scrapbooking. This year I have decided to record one good thing that happens each day. It only … Continue reading

Celebrate Grandparent’s Day

Mothers and fathers both have a special holiday, so why not grandparents? Many times grandparents have a special impact in their grandchildren’s lives. So this year celebrate Grandparents Day. Which just happens to be this Sunday September 10th. Here are some ideas that you can use to let your grandparents know how important and loved they really are. Record the Memories Schedule a time when your children can go and visit their grandparents. Before hand come up with a list of questions that your child can ask their grandparent. (It’s a good idea to give grandpa and grandma the list … Continue reading

Why Do We Celebrate the 4th of July?

A few days ago my son asked, “What day do we do fireworks?” My husband replied, “July 4th.” My son then looked on the calendar, he’s obsessed with calendars, and remarked, “That’s Independence Day.” My immediate thought was of course July 4th is Independence Day. Then I realized that he did not know what Independence Day meant and why we celebrated it. To him July 4th was a day where dad stayed home from work; we ate good food, and watched fireworks. I know that last year I explained that July 4th was America’s birthday, but obviously he had forgotten. … Continue reading

Romantic Gifts for Her

Looking for a romantic gift for your wife? Ladies, looking to give your husband a few ideas of what he can do for you? If so, print out this list and hand it to him – even if he doesn’t go for any of the ideas here – it may lead him in the right direction. Is your anniversary in the summertime? Mow your initials into the grass surrounded by a heart. You can also mow I Love You onto it. If it’s winter time and you get snow, build a Frosty and the Mrs. on the front lawn and … Continue reading

National Scrapbooking Day – Celebrate at home

With National Scrapbooking Day just a few days away on May 6, 2006, I thought that I would share a few events that you might be interested in knowing about. These are activities I have found that you can do from the comfort of your own home if you are not interested or able to make it out to an event in your area. Creating Keepsakes is going to be doing an online celebration all day. They are going to have a huge giveaway (I’m interested to see what it is!), free downloads, layout tips and more. QVC is going … Continue reading