An Engaging Website

Earlier this month I wrote about how member Jade Walker had a very engaging Halloween. In addition to sharing a snippet of the romantic way her beau proposed to her, she also included this line: “To learn more, go to” Of course I went to check it out. I thought what I found was so cool, I immediately knew it would make a great topic for the Marriage Blog. But I wanted to get Jade’s permission to write about it first. I wasn’t sure she’d want her marriage business made public. But she didn’t mind. As she put … Continue reading

Family & Marriage: Grandparents Day

Today is Grandparent’s Day, a day that we pay honor to the parents of our parents and those that mean so much to us. When my daughter heard that was what today was, she great very excited and wanted to make a card and get presents for each of her grandmothers. I listened to her exciting chatter and my husband and I both had to smile. Of the two of us, he has two grandparents still living – his grandmother on his father’s side and his grandfather on his mother’s side. His grandfather celebrates his 96th birthday this November. My … Continue reading

Celebrating National Scrapbooking Day Part One

What is National Scrapbooking Day? My favorite day of the year is approaching rapidly. I’ll be starting the first weekend in May by celebrating my favorite hobby – Scrapbooking. Saturday, May 6th, 2006 is National Scrapbooking Day (NSD). This date is set aside to commemorate, celebrate and promote the importance of preserving your memories. Can you believe our beloved hobby has it’s own holiday? “Scrapbooking combines family history and contemporary crafts in a fun and interesting way, bringing together adults and children alike,” said Fran Saperstein, Publisher of A-Z Magazines and Magazine. “Scrapbooking continues to be the fastest-growing hobby … Continue reading