Add a Little Pizzazz to Your Delivery Experience

When my son was born, I packed the basics and didn’t think much beyond the toothpaste and underwear while throwing my hospital bag together. The next time around, however, I plan on going the extra mile by adding a little glamour. Anyone who has ever seen pictures of themselves after delivery knows how nice it would be to add a little sparkle to their tired face and the baggy hospital night gown, as well as the bland delivery room. First of all, I’m putting my sister on beauty duty. It will be her job to make sure my lips are … Continue reading

Graduation—Part Three—to Have a Party or Not

Since I am living through the intensity of high school graduation—double-time (with two daughters moving on to college)—I have been writing about some of my challenges and observations. One of the big ones for us was deciding whether to have a party or not, and then figuring out what sort of a party, how to invite people and even coordinating the “when” was a big deal… Once my daughters decided that they could and would have a party together, they were both on board. At first, they just weren’t sure. There are so many other parties going on and one … Continue reading

Celebrate the Peaceful Times

I know that not every single parent experiences single parenthood in the same way that I do and that it also depends on where a person is on the adjustment scale. For those who are newly divorced, or just getting started with single parenthood it can seem scary, daunting, chaotic and overwhelming. Since I have been at this for several years, however, I have found that while there is still plenty of stress and chaos that comes along with single parenting and family life, there is also a certain amount of peace that comes with my life experience as a … Continue reading

Celebrate when You Realize Your Dreams

We single parents have a tendency to be rather focused folks. Add to that how we may be striving for some pretty challenging dreams AND the possibility that we might have high expectations and be somewhat hard on ourselves and we may forget to celebrate and acknowledge our accomplishments along the path of life. We need those celebrations, however, and we need to model for our children how to take a break and celebrate when we reach our goals. I have a confession to make, when I finally got my bachelor’s degree as a single parent, it was barely a … Continue reading

Follow Up on a Single Parent’s Birthday

I wrote the other day about how I think it important for us single parents to set an example of self-care by celebrating our birthdays—even if we don’t have others to make a fuss over us. I wrote about how I have gotten comfortable doing things for myself over the years and trusting and hoping that some day, my example and modeling might have an affect on my kids. I wanted to pass on some hopeful and encouraging news to you other single parents out there. Not only did all three of my teens make an effort to be with … Continue reading

A Single Parent’s Birthday

Back in December, I wrote a little piece about the fact that we single parents don’t always have someone to fill our stockings or make a fuss over us at the holidays. On the eve of my forty-first birthday, I thought I might write a little bit about ways that single parents can make a fuss over themselves for their own birthdays. We may be tempted to just let it slide or try not to think about it—but what sort of message is that sending to our kids? And what is that doing to our own self-esteem? I accept that … Continue reading

Christmas Music

It seems as though music and Christmas go hand in hand. There are so many beautiful Christmas hymns that are about the Savior’s birth. It is important to incorporate these hymns into the traditions that you do as a family. Even if you are not musically talented (as I am not), you can enjoy these wonderful songs throughout the Christmas season. It seems that with commercialization of the Christmas season that it is becoming more difficult to find the religious Christmas songs, as you listen to the radio or complete your holiday shopping. You can bring the focus back at … Continue reading

Celebrating Accomplishments

Myra Turner reminded us yesterday about remembering to celebrate educational milestones while homeschooling in her article, Celebrating School Rites of Passage. How I neglected to address Kindergarten Graduation when writing my post on Homeschool Graduation, I will never know. After reading the article, I realized that we were letting my daughter slip from elementary school to middle school with absolutely no fanfare. For shame! Not only that, but we did the same to our son two years ago. Needless to say, this weekend will be one of celebration for our family. Since our kids, will both be transitioning to a … Continue reading

Let’s Talk About Having a Blessingway

Most first-time moms have a typical Baby Shower before the baby comes. There, the mother is “showered” with things that will help her mother her new baby – necessities like diapers and clothes and baby items. But often over-looked is the importance of acknowledging the great change that a woman goes through when she becomes a mother. It is a rite of passage, and should be celebrated in a more personal way. Enter: The Blessingway. Of Native American origin, the Blessingway can often be very similar to a baby shower. There is food, gifts, friends, family and maybe even games. … Continue reading

Family New Year’s Eve Party

Instead of venturing out on “amateur night” to take in the sights and the sounds of New Year’s Eve festivities, you might just want to spend the evening at home as a family. There are various televised activities that you and your kids can enjoy together, and you can certainly create your own fun. Have a little party, complete with hors d’oeuvres and some bubbly beverages like ginger ale, sparkling cider, or sparkling grape juice for toasting. Pick up some New Year’s Eve party favors, hats, noisemakers, and decorations, or create your own. If you feel your children can handle … Continue reading