Sheryl Crow Welcomes her Second Baby through Adoption

Sheryl Crow announced this morning that she is adopting a second child, Levi James, who was born April 30. Crow made the announcement via her website, and her publicist confirmed the information. Crow, age 48, adopted her son Wyatt three years ago, when he was two weeks old. (Click here to see Michelle’s blog on Sheryl’s first adoption.) The sibling connection seems to be important to Crow—she made her announcement by writing, “Wyatt has a baby brother!” Crow reportedly is not deterred by the idea of being a single mother. “For my whole life, I had a pretty clear picture … Continue reading

Madonna’s Adoption DENIED!

I guess money and fame can’t get you everything in life. It’s a lesson that apparently came as a HUGE shock to Madonna today after a judge declined her adoption request. According to reports, a residency requirement in Malawi has prevented the Material Girl from flying back to New York with the 3-year-old girl, who she wanted to adopt as her own. Reports say the residency requirement for prospective parents is 18 to 24 months in Malawi. Madonna has homes in New York and London, but does not have a residence in Malawi despite the fact that she adopted her … Continue reading

Angelina Jolie’s Daughter’s Biological Family Wants Her Back

Zahara Jolie-Pitt, the adorable tot that Angelina Jolie rescued from an Ethiopian orphanage more than two years ago is now the center of an adoption controversy. According to new reports, members of Zahara’s biological family recently came forward in an effort to reclaim the girl. Paperwork filed in Africa reveals that Zahara’s biological grandmother claims the orphanage didn’t do its homework and that the little girl’s biological mother is still alive. Zahara’s grandmother isn’t the only one involved in this latest controversy. Zahara’s biological aunt is also weighing in saying that she is upset that Jolie didn’t make sure the … Continue reading

Ricky Martin Looking To Adopt… and Other Celebrity Baby News

My girlhood crush (okay, one of them) wants to be a daddy… and he is not waiting around to find the perfect partner to procreate with. Singer/actor Ricky Martin just announced he plans to adopt a child. Martin, who isn’t married, says he doesn’t expect to receive special treatment in the adoption process, but hopes he is united with a child sooner rather than later. “I want to do it right,” Martin said. “I don’t want any problems or misunderstandings. … Some think as celebrities we can manipulate the system to have a quicker adoption.” And once he does become … Continue reading

Adoption the “Brangelina” Way?

A recent article in the LA Times sparked outrage in the adoption community. The article was titled “How to Shop for Kids the Brangelina Way”. The article was written in a flippant manner that most adoptive parents found to be rude and disrespectful. Here are some of the offensive comments that were made in the article: •Referring to China as “an adoption machine” •Saying that Russia is “the next biggest supplier of adoptable moppets” •When talking about the fact that South Korea does not require the parents to travel to get their child, the writer said “(Angelina) could phone in … Continue reading