Saving on International Communication

Traveling abroad can really put a dent in your wallet.  In addition to paying for airfare, accommodations, ground transportation, and meals, you may also be strapped with extra fees to communicate with loved ones back home. To avoid going broke reaching out and touching your friends and family while you are traveling on foreign soil, consider the following: Cellphone:  This is the most obvious option for owners of mobile phones. However, your cellphone has to employ the Global System for Mobile Communications or you are looking at paying expensive alternatives while abroad.  AT&T and T-Mobile phones will work overseas thanks … Continue reading

The Whopping Family Cell Phone Bill

Cell phones as we know them are only a few decades old, and yet it is hard to think about living without them, despite the fact that humankind survived centuries without cell phones. It isn’t unusual these days to be spending $250 or more a month for your family cell phones. In some families, the cell phone expense may be the second highest monthly bill, after the mortgage or the rent. Doing without other things, from eating out to dental care (in some cases) in order to afford cell phones has become the norm. How did things get so crazy? … Continue reading