New Uses for Chalk

Reusing items is more frugal than just recycling them or throwing them away. Many times, we can find new uses for inexpensive things that we already have, making an expensive trip to the store unnecessary. Chalk is pretty inexpensive, and if you have kids then chances are that you have chalk, since it is a popular and cheap toy that spurs on the creativity. Even if you don’t have kids, consider picking up some chalk, which may be on sale at the end of summer, and using it for one of the following tasks. You can use chalk with some … Continue reading

Adding a Bit of Flair on Layouts With Chalk

Chalks, also known as pastels are so much fun to use on your scrapbook layouts. The vast variety of color choices means that you can match it to almost any color of cardstock or embellishment making your pages true ‘wow’ pages. There are definitely some fun and unique ways to use chalk on your layouts. A favorite way is to use it to color in stamped images or clip art. It gives it a light shaded look and depending on the applicator you choose, can be soft or hard color. There are a variety of applicators available, including sets that … Continue reading

A Colored Chalkboard Paint Wall

Here is a fun idea for a child’s room, a home school room or even a family room or kitchen. You turn create a wall, a door or a piece of furniture into a chalkboard. And unlike the traditional black chalkboard wall, you can do this with a color. Using a colored chalkboard wall is creative, fun and won’t change your color scheme. In fact, you won’t be able to tell the difference between a “normal” wall and your chalkboard wall, until you start writing on it! Kids will be delighted that they are being allowed to doodle, draw and … Continue reading

Frugal and Fun Chalk Activities

With the hot days of summer upon us, no more school books and backpacks, our children are spending more and more time outdoors. Since chalk seems to be a summer staple, at least it is around our house, I figured I’d provide you with some creative ideas to keep your children entertained with chalk. There are so many things you can do with chalk, besides just drawing pictures. Games and Sports Use chalk to play games. Draw game boards on the driveway for checkers, or hangman. Checker pieces can be made from light and dark rocks, or for a messier … Continue reading

Cheap and Easy Homemade Sidewalk Chalk Recipe

After reminding everyone, how frugal sidewalk chalk activities can be, I decided to share the chalk recipe that we used. It was much easier and cheaper, than many I have seen. Here is the recipe that we found to be, not only the easiest to use, but the most inexpensive that produced the desired result. Begin by making sure you have a mold or molds of some kind. Candy molds, soap molds and even muffin pans work great. You will need to purchase a bag of plaster and some tempera paint, either liquid or powdered, which can often by found … Continue reading

Frugal Fun With Chalk

As soon as the cold air leaves the area, and the warm sunshine is a more common occurrence, my children are outside with chalk in hand, drawing elaborate pictures on our driveway, roads and buildings, messages on our sidewalks, and coloring rocks and bricks with chalk. There are so many frugal things to do in the summer, and this is one of them. However, just since the month of March, when we had our first warm week, we have gone through about eight buckets of chalk. That’s more than a hundred pieces of chalk. And it was starting to add … Continue reading

Using Acrylic Shapes on Layouts Part One

Using Acrylic Shapes on your Layouts Part One Acrylic shapes and letters are such a fun embellishment to add to your layouts. At first, looking at these products you may wonder what you do with them. Heidi Swapp offers a wide variety of shapes and alphabets, called Ghost Shapes, that I will be focusing on today. These ghost shapes are made of a thin acrylic, or plastic-like material, that will not add any bulk to your page. They are thin, but not floppy. There are two areas that I want to address today. The first area I want to cover … Continue reading