Change can be Good

When you have your own business, you may find that after a time of offering the same products and services for a while you want to try something different. One great thing about owning your own business is that you are able to change the types of products and services that you offer whenever you would like to. I am in the process of changing some of the services that I offer through my two home – based businesses and so far, things are going well. One change that I am making with my law practice is that I am … Continue reading

See A Penny

See a penny pick it up; all day long you’ll have good luck. I was very familiar with this adage before I heard Frenchie excitedly utter it when she found a penny on the floor of the LA River basin before Danny raced at Thunder Road. When my parents go out for their walks each day they delight in how much change they can find on the ground to bring home with them. They are very good at scouting out the hidden gems of pennies, nickels, and dimes. No one seems to drop quarters. I guess people still find a … Continue reading

Marrying Someone of Another Faith

Yesterday we looked at the trend of people becoming involved or marrying those from other faith. What causes people to enter into a relationship with someone of another faith? Sometimes it can be they are not sure enough in the own faith of what they believe and why. If they were they would possibly not be so ready to become involved with someone from outside their faith. Or maybe they see it as an opportunity to convert the other person to their faith? Maybe they need to consider would I be ready to convert? If I won’t, why should they? … Continue reading

Timing is Everything

‘Become the change you want to see in the world.’ That quote from Gandhi is emblazoned cross the notice board of a high school around our way. It started me thinking that it sounds like good advice for marriage too. So if you want your spouse to be more thoughtful or understanding or sensitive to your needs, then maybe you need to demonstrate those qualities toward your spouse first. I’m talking to myself, as much as any of you reading here. If you want your spouse to listen to you, then you need to show them the courtesy of listening … Continue reading

Free to Be Yourself?

Are you free to be yourself in your marriage? Or do you always feel you have to be on your best behavior or changing the way you act or the things you say or even truing to change your feelings to accommodate your spouse? One of the things I like about my marriage is that I am free to be myself. Because really I don’t know any other way to be anyway. I’m not good at pretending to be something I’m not or with other people who pretend to be something that they’re not. The other night Mick and I … Continue reading

Change What You’re Looking At, and Change Your Perspective

Sitting in the same desk, looking at the same wall, or having the same photos of your kids as babies staring back at you can be reassuring. You know what to expect and you feel comfortable and at home. It can also get boring, stifling, and keep you from seeing the world from a fresh perspective. It might be necessary to change what you look at while you work in order to get new inspiration. This strategy of changing the environment to jump-start inspiration is not new. In fact, it is the philosophy behind retreats, vacations and even going out … Continue reading

Your Friends May Change as Your Kids Grow Up

It is a lovely fantasy to imagine our children growing up with the same friends while we, as the parents, stay friends with those children’s parents. In reality, however, our children may go through different stages and phases and choose different peers and friends to share their journey and we parents change too. There may be some people with whom we trundle along the entire parenting path together, but for most of us, our friends will probably change as our children grow up and our overall lives change. Keep in mind that while your children are busy growing and developing, … Continue reading

Can You Feel Yourself Growing and Changing as a Parent?

I often talk about how my kids and I have influenced and affected each other. I know that they have picked up things from me, but I have picked up things from them too. I wondered if other parents can actually feel this growth and evolution? Can you look at who you used to be and who you are now and FEEL the difference? There have been some pretty intense periods in my parenting career—times when I felt as though my skin was being stretched and my brain was imploding. I could literally feel myself being pushed and pulled into … Continue reading

When Changes Need to be Made in a Rush

I often advocate taking your time when it comes to research and problem-solving in your home business. I generally think that if we can slow down, take our time and do our homework we tend to make better decisions and choices and be less stressed about it. It is not always possible, however, to slow everything down and do a thorough investigation—sometimes we are forced to make changes and adjustments and we have do to it in a rush… To be fair, sometimes the quick decisions and changes turn out to be the best. Other times, it can just be … Continue reading

Welcoming Natural Cycles

Life is not linear. As much as we would like to make predictable plans and schedule out the next year or even the next decade—life just does not work that way. Instead, what many of us discover is that life tends to move in cycles. Over time, we can start to notice and accept these cycles as they move and spiral through our lives. In fact, we can even learn how to welcome these natural cycles instead of trying to resist, steer, and eradicate them. Whether it is with our child or children, or with ourselves, there are natural cycles … Continue reading