The Dirty Diaper and Your Child’s Health

According to a New York Times article, “In a study published in the Canadian Medical Association Journal, researchers led by Anita Kozyrskyj found that babies born by C-Section vaginally, and that infants who were breast-fed had a different recipe of bacteria in their guts than those who were given formula.” And when it comes to health, specifically digestive heath and the immune system, it is the bacteria, or bugs, that count. Studies have long shown that children who have been delivered by C-Section have greater risks of certain illnesses, such as asthma, diabetes and obesity, as do children who were … Continue reading

Letting Go

It is interesting to watch a person learn to walk. That is one of my favorite parts of child development. It is such a huge milestone to see your child take those first steps. I love it. My daughter walked just a couple of days after her first birthday. I just couldn’t believe how quickly she progressed from that first baby step, to full blown walking everywhere. My middle child walked a few days before his first birthday. And, his walk was hilarious. He would hold one arm out to the side and sway it back and forth wildly, while … Continue reading

Building a Strong Connection to Your Toddler

Last week, I wrote about how excited I was about the release of Dr. Laura Markham’s book, “Peaceful Parent, Happy Kids: How to Stop Yelling and Start Connecting”. Now that I actually have the book in my possession, thanks to Kindle for Android, I am even more excited about it. I am about halfway through reading the book, and I know that it is going to be a valuable reference that I turn to again and again. One of the wonderful things about this book is that Dr. Laura Markham does not stop at explaining why kids benefit from the … Continue reading

Just Released: Peaceful Parent, Happy Kids by Dr. Laura Markham

      November 28, 2012 was a great day for parents of toddlers. In fact, it was a great day for parents of all children. On November 28, 2012, Dr. Laura Markham’s first book, “Peaceful Parent, Happy Kids : How to Stop Yelling and Start Connecting” was released. If you are already familiar with Dr. Laura Markham through her web site, Aha Parenting, then you know just how wonderful this news is. I can not remember how I first came across the Aha Parenting web site, but I can say that I visit it regularly, especially when I am … Continue reading

Super Mom? Not So Much!

As a single mom, I sometimes have to stop and remind myself that I am not Super Mom. I cannot do it all by myself. I do not have all the money in the world. I do not have enough energy to keep moving all day, nonstop. And I need to remind myself many times that this is all ok. This recent frustration comes from my daughter’s new softball schedule. This is her first year playing softball (although she has played basketball and soccer in the past). She has two games each week, some of which are almost an hour’s … Continue reading

Now I’m Scared

As a parent, what scares you more? A. Having your child flunk out of school B. Having your child imprisoned for criminal behavior C. Having your child get sucked into a life of drug use D. Having your child get regular bikini waxes to please her boyfriend Up until a few days ago some of my greatest nightmares involved A, B, and C. Then, I received the following comment on a blog entitled: “Would You Allow Your Teen Daughter to Get a Bikini Wax?” and I was forced to add “D” to my list: “From a teens point of view, … Continue reading

Cartoon Review: Chowder

In our home, most all of the television that we watch is something I’ve pulled up from our recorded shows. We rarely watch live television. Because of this, my son hasn’t seen many of the cartoons that are shown on live television. Up until recently, the only cartoons that my son had been exposed to were the following: *Tom & Jerry *Spongebob Squarepants *Looney Toons *Dora the Explorer *Garfield Most of the time, my son watches recorded episodes of Spongebob Squarepants or his dvd collection of seasons of Spongebob. Since he was so interested in everything Spongebob, I never really … Continue reading

Easter Activities

There doesn’t have to be a lot involved in a “Toddler Easter Egg Hunt” because toddlers don’t need the eggs to be hidden like older kids do. You can just place several brightly colored eggs out in the grass and toddlers will have a blast collecting them. In addition to the traditional egg hunt, there are several other activities that we can do with our toddlers during the Easter celebrations. Let’s look at some ideas: Construction Paper Eggs Using several colored sheets of construction paper, cut out large eggs and allow your toddler to decorate them. Keep it simple by … Continue reading

Are Cartoons Scary?

Are some cartoons too scary for toddlers? I have grown concerned because some of the cartoons on “Cartoon Network” seem to be scary. It may be fine for older kids, although I have my doubts, but for toddlers I think it is too scary. Garfield is one of the cartoons that I wouldn’t think would be scary but then found one episode to be frightening to my son. Another cat, which looked like Garfield, turned into a monster and Garfield is shown shaking and quivering in fear. In my opinion, that is too scary for toddlers. I know that some … Continue reading

Creating Toddler Easter Baskets

Although the Easter Bunny will likely get credit for your creation, making an Easter basket for your toddler should be a fun and rewarding experience. Toddlers love waking up on Easter morning and finding a basket full of toys and goodies waiting for them. Since we don’t want our toddlers on a sugar rush and ending up with an upset stomach, we don’t want too much candy in the basket. Also, because some of the candy and toys that are marketed for Easter baskets can be a choking hazard, we want to make sure everything in the basket is safe … Continue reading