Home Safety Tips

While we do our best to keep our families and homes safe, sometimes things that seem obvious can be overlooked. The following list offers ten simple ways to help keep your family and home safer: Check all extension cords for damage before use, and only use in appropriate outlets, or use an adaptor if necessary. Never leave cords or extension cords in reach of children or pets, or in precarious positions where clothing or other items can become tangled in them. Do not place extension cords across walkways or in high traffic areas. Unplug items such as hairdryers, curling irons, … Continue reading

Items to Consider When Childproofing Your Home

When you have a baby or even a toddler, you know that your home must be childproofed. Otherwise, you could end up with a lot of unnecessary and preventable accidents. From much research, I have concluded that KidCo has just about any kind of safety item a parent could need. KidCo Safety Gates Keeping your child out of areas where she should not be is difficult, unless you have some kind of gate. KidCo has various gates from which to choose. For the bottom of stairs or a doorway, the Gateway (Model G11) is a top recommended product. Winner of … Continue reading

Baby Safety Seminar? Part II

See also: Baby Safety Seminar? Part I So far readers, you have learned that my husband and I were sent a postcard inviting us to a baby safety seminar and that we chose to RSVP and attend. The man conducting the seminar, who we call Mr. Bob, told us about all kinds of horrible accidents that can happen to a child in the “wrong” kind of crib. In the meantime, he pushed the notion that the crib he was selling was safer and more convenient than other cribs. Let’s find out what happened next. Apparently a crib is not the … Continue reading