Spring Cleaning Kid’s Rooms

My kids love and dread summer vacation at the same time. They hate the ordeal of spring-cleaning their bedrooms, even though they like the results and are happy once it’s done. It’s almost that time of year again, and I can already hear, “Awwwwww, Mom, do I have to?” Here are some tips to make things less stressful when spring cleaning children’s bedrooms: Lighten Up Relax. Kids are not going to do things perfectly so don’t expect it and you won’t be disappointed. Let kids turn on some of their favorite tunes (at your choice of decibels) to lighten the … Continue reading

More Toddler Room Decorating Tips

A few months ago I detailed the makeover we gave our daughter’s bedroom. The transformation from nursery to toddler’s room was made with careful planning and a lot of input from our daughter. (She may be a toddler, but she voices her opinions like a teenager.) Little did I know that our day’s worth of labor would simply be the start of what has turned into a multi-month long project that’s still a work in progress. Since my last blog my daughter has acquired a freestanding puppet theater, a plastic ball pit and another kid-size table and two matching chairs. … Continue reading

More Crafts to Decorate Your Child’s Room

Kids have their own taste and their own ideas. What better way to express their creativity than to use it to help decorate their bedrooms or playrooms? Ask your child about projects he or she would like to do, or try some of these: Artwork Your child can draw or paint pictures in colors that coordinate with his or her room décor. Then, simply have your child paint a plain wood frame to match. Another alternative is to make one or more of the picture frame projects in this section and use those to frame artwork or favorite photos. Make … Continue reading

Not until Your Room is Clean

If you have ever uttered the words in the title, you may find this article helpful. While offering rewards, making veiled threats, and even holding out on dessert or fun activities may sometimes work, there has to be a better way to get kids to keep their rooms clean. These mom tested tips should help! Schedule Time for Room Upkeep Make straightening your child’s room a part of everyday chores, or set aside a few minutes before bedtime for him or her to tidy up. Add additional time on weekends if necessary. This time can be used for more detailed … Continue reading

Commemorate the Mess While Cleaning

This will probably be the craziest blog post you’ll see from me. Okay, well perhaps not the craziest EVER, but the craziest to date. Since I am in the process of moving in with my boyfriend and his family, we have been cleaning up certain areas of the house. One room in particular used to be his oldest daughter’s room but she hasn’t used it in a long time. We are converting it into my oldest son’s room – the only boy. Obviously the girly stuff has to come out of there. While weeding through Bratz dolls and Beverly Cleary … Continue reading