Who’s In Your Christmas Card Photo?

I got into this discussion with my fellow playgroup moms a few days ago. One of the moms decided to save on postage and handed out her Christmas cards to all of us during our weekly gathering. I opened mine right away and complimented her on getting a great shot of her kids lined up in front of the Christmas tree. (Any parent knows that’s no easy task when you have five kids under the age of 10.) The compliment was soon followed by inquiries by other moms wondering why said mom and her husband were not in the shot. … Continue reading

Christmas Cards, Letters, or Pictures: Which Represents You as a Couple?

Our first Christmas as a married couple, which would have been December 1995, I started the tradition of sending out Christmas cards for both Wayne and I. Back then I picked cards with funny or clever pictures, wrote a short, quick note to the recipients, and mailed them. Christmas 1999 marked the first time I attempted a Christmas letter, which I’d previously never had much respect for. Most of the ones we received painted an entirely too rosy picture of friends and family living entirely too perfect lives. We knew the letters meant well but were stretching things a bit. … Continue reading

Scrapbooking Your Yearly Christmas Portrait

Earlier I posted an article in the photography blog, on The Christmas Photo Shoot. Basically, it is about that time of year again, to start planning your yearly Christmas photo to include in your Christmas cards, or just to keep for yourself. The one challenge I have faced with the Christmas portrait is how to include it in my albums, so here are a few ideas to get you started on creating fabulous Christmas portrait layouts. No matter how you decide to scrapbook your layouts with these photographs, you might also enlist some “behind the scenes” photography too. Have someone … Continue reading