Nationwide has Tips to Avoid Car Break-Ins

According to Nationwide Insurance, it takes less than a minute for a thief to break your car window and steal the stuff that you stowed in your car. All those Christmas presents that were in your car could disappear while you were shopping another store. Nationwide has some tips on how to avoid car break-ins. This is the time of year when people spend a lot of money on Christmas gifts for friends and family. Unfortunately, thieves are aware of this. Often, a person will stuff their filled Christmas shopping bags into their car, drive to the next store, and … Continue reading

The Shopping Situation

Remind everyone about the reason for the season. be nice to those around you. Allow me to brag for just a little bit today. I hope you don’t mind, but it is one of those rare moments (okay maybe not so rare since I have a pretty healthy ego) that I am proud of myself or at least glad that God allowed me to look past my own pettiness just for a moment. Okay, so it is more of a God thing than a me thing, but we humans like our egos. Last night, I did a little last minute … Continue reading

Stores Helping Parents Save This Holiday Season

The world’s largest retailer is reaching out to parents who have been hit hard by the bad economy. Wal-Mart executives just announced that they are planning to offer more than 100 toys for $10 during the busy holiday shopping season. The cheap toy promo follows in the footsteps of the discount chain’s previous holiday sale in which it offered 10 toys at the $10 price. Last Christmas I took advantage of Wal-Mart’s special and scored a Play-Doh set for my daughter for 10 bucks. This year the selections are even better (in my opinion). Among the $10 items: Barbie Cut … Continue reading

Baby Dolls with Adoption Stories

My last blog talked about a line of school-age dolls which each had a story including adoption. I was very surprised to find a second line of dolls—baby dolls this time—who each have an adoption story. Precious Doll Company was founded by Mary Beth Wells, who placed her first child for adoption and then later adopted a daughter herself. Mary Beth says on her website that she had a three-fold dream: to reunite with her birth daughter, to become a parent herself, and to found a book and doll company that would breathe life into stories of adoption by recognizing … Continue reading

Last Minute Stocking Stuffers

Believe it or not, you can find stocking stuffers almost anywhere, so don’t fret if you still need a few things. Even if you don’t want to brave the department stores, you can still find lots of stuff. Dollar stores and discount centers are always great places for finding stocking stuffers. Look for things like day planners, journals, jumbo packs of gum, trial size after-shave and body spray, travel size games, dominoes, yoyos, small balls, stuffed animals, and small puzzles. There are lots of other choices as well from earphones for that new CD player, CD travel cases, and inexpensive … Continue reading

Four Days ‘til Christmas

So, how organized is your house right about now? Hopefully, you don’t have any major cleaning left to do, but I bet there is some straightening to be done. There sure is at my house. It looks like Santa’s workshop in here! I try to organize packages according to which person they are for, making sure I have all the gifts out. I hate to admit that I have forgotten to include things in the past, only to find them after Christmas. So, if you have a stash spot, a really secret one for that special present, make sure you … Continue reading

More Last Minute Christmas Gift Ideas

If you have no clue what to buy for your daughter’s new boyfriend, stop in the movie theater next time you’re passing by. Pick up a gift certificate or a couple of movie tickets. If he’s still in school, he probably only has a part-time job and will likely appreciate a night out with your darling that won’t cost him a big chunk of his paycheck. This is a great gift for others on your list as well and it’s certainly quick and easy. Pick up a nice card and pop it inside. The video store is another option. Give … Continue reading

Five Days ‘til Christmas

Even if some of your local stores look like they have been ransacked, take a deep breath. Even if things are looking awfully picked over and the shelves seem bare at this late date, all is not lost. There are still some practical ideas you can use to gather some last minute Christmas gifts. One great idea is to try shops and stores that you would not usually consider when looking for gifts, or specialty stores you may not shop regularly. A good example -now don’t laugh- is the auto parts store. Now, you might be shaking your head, thinking … Continue reading

Kids and Gifts for Friends

Besides grab bags and gift exchanges, my girls always have at least a couple of friends that they want to give gifts. It’s usually just a little something, and we have often opted for bath gels and pouf sponges, perfume, nail polish and the like. Treats are also good. I found an adorable bottle of Coca Cola shaped like an ornament and my daughter tied candies and curling ribbon around the top. It turned out very cute and I think this will make a fun gift. Her other friends are getting cellophane bags filled with goodies and tied with curling … Continue reading

Christmas a Day Late

Now, some of you may think I am nuts… but I do know some families who practice this tradition. The idea is to have your Christmas after Christmas… usually a couple days later. The advantage is the HUGE savings on Christmas gifts. Retailers know that if it doesn’t get bought before Christmas it may not get bought at all. So, once Christmas is done… the real heavy duty markdowns come. It is almost guaranteed to find at least 50% off the price within the couple days after Christmas on “gifty” items. Now, if having Christmas late is not such a … Continue reading