Thanksgiving Wallpapers

When I start up my laptop each morning, I am greeted by classic Winnie-the-Pooh, Piglet and Tiger, playing in the leaves. It is a festive way to begin a day or work or have a smile before I check my e-mail. Having a fun desktop is fun, and it also encourages me to keep all of my icons from cluttering the desktop. I write somewhere between 90 and 120 articles a month, and I tend to save them all to my desktop for a few days before filing them away in their proper places. But I could never cover up … Continue reading

Ask a Marriage Blogger – Can We Sing Our Vows?

Good morning, I have an odd question for you. I enjoy reading your blogs and I’ve been reading a great deal about wedding planning in your blog, but there is one question you hadn’t actually addressed. If you have the time, would you mind writing about whether or not a couple can sing their vows to each other rather than repeat the statements made by the minister? My fiancé and I have always had a passion for musicals. I guess this is cheesy, but the idea of having a musical wedding is something that makes us both laugh. In our … Continue reading

All About Me – Collections

Everyone has a collection of something. What do you collect? Is it mismatched socks? Dust bunnies? Or is it something a bit more special, such as tea pots or cups, teddy bears, Christmas ornaments, stamps, postcards or glass figurines? It doesn’t matter what you collect, it’s time to scrapbook about it. From beautifully displayed china pieces to the rather mundane match box car collection, all can be commemorated in your scrapbook. There are several different ways to include your collections on your layouts. You can scan and reduce in size a flatter object, or you can take photos of your … Continue reading

How to Set Up Your Circle Journal

Circle Journals are so much fun to do. There are many different ways to set your album up and even more ways to complete layouts for them. But there is no wrong way. Because a circle journal is a personal journal of sorts, it becomes a piece of art upon its completion. It also serves as a wonderful memory of the way we really are inside. The standard way to set up a circle journal is: Decorated Cover Title Page Introduction Instructions Sign In Page Creators Layouts Participants Layouts Since I already showcased some cute covers in my Themes for … Continue reading

Themes for Your Circle Journal

Now that you understand a bit better what the circle journal concept is, let’s dig into some of the more popular themes for circle journals. All over the Internet there are circle journal groups forming on scrapbooking message boards. After carefully researching layouts and topics, I compiled a list of the most frequently created circle journals. I also included some great circle journal photos from some very talented scrapbookers. These ladies provided me permission to use their awesome work in my article and deserve a huge round of applause for such amazing layouts. All names are at the bottom of … Continue reading

Heritage Photos: Creating Albums

Once you have your heritage pictures sorted, then you need to decide what types of albums you would like to create using your heritage items. Here are a few of my ideas for smaller theme albums that would be fun to create and give you more focus when putting the album together. Christmas through the Years. You could pull all of the Christmas photos you have and build an album focusing on your family’s Christmas traditions. It would be fun to include a page at the end of the album celebrating the things that your family does now. Focus on … Continue reading