Back to School Photography

It’s back to school time for many, and for others its rapidly approaching. If you have some time left, sit back and enjoy the last days of summer. However, if you are in back to school mode, there are some photo opportunities that just shouldn’t be missed. School brings on loads of concerts, events and classroom activities worth having a camera in hand for. The First Day Everyone loves the first day of school photo. Have you considered doing a first and last day of school photo? It is fun to compare the differences, growth spurts and the way your … Continue reading

Teaching a Scrapbooking Class: Location, Date and Time

Preparations for teaching a scrapbooking class depend a little on whether you plan to teach independently or if you are teaching through a scrapbook store. The difference is that, typically the scrapbook store will set the price of the class, help you with the supplies needed, and advertise. However, this is not always true. And if you are going to be teaching independently, those are all things you have to do. Location This is important. If you are teaching for a scrapbook store, than it is more than likely, not a concern. Because a scrapbook store will offer up their … Continue reading

Homeschool Curriculum Glossary (Cadron Creek-Christian Light)

Cadron Creek Christian Curriculum “Cadron Creek Curriculum provides parents and teachers with sound academic materials for training in scholarship and godliness. As the home of the unique literature-based unit study, Cadron Creek offers highly effective curriculum materials and companion resources.” Included are supplement math, spelling, and grammar for each unit. The Little house series is one of the featured units. Callirobics is a handwriting program set to music. The purpose is to improve eye hand coordination and fine motor skills. “Callirobics (CALLIgraphy and aeROBICS) are a unique concept in handwriting exercises. They consist of repetitive simple writing patterns (straight and … Continue reading

Getting a Headstart

When I enrolled my youngest daughter, Aryanna, who is four, in Headstart, I wasn’t sure what to expect. My fiancé and I just wanted Aryanna to have an early education. I called and applied for her before the beginning of this school year and was put on a waiting list. About a month or so later I received a phone call from Headstart saying that her application was approved. She would begin what they call home-based Headstart. Since then we have had a home visitor come to our home once a week to visit with Aryanna. They play games; make … Continue reading