My Personal Scrap Space – Analyzing the Problem

It was agonizing deciding whether or not to share pictures with you of my messy scrapbook area in the awful state it is. Or just waiting to show you pictures of once it was picked up and a clean scrapbook area again. When you work in your scrapbook area or studio every single day and you are involved in lots of projects, it becomes harder and harder to get things put away. Unless of course you follow the advice I have been providing all along and you don’t do what I actually did. Let’s take a look again at the … Continue reading

Who Really WANTS to Deal with all the Icky Stuff?

Children are messy. They can even be incredibly gross, sticky, sloppy and smelly. Most of us don’t think about these little realities when we are planning to be parents—we think about cute, cherubic babies, watching children romp and play in the yard, tossing the baseball or kicking a soccer ball back and forth, or shopping for adorable outfits. The ickiness eludes us until we are knee-deep in ick…and then we adjust. As you might imagine, I am always a bit horrified when I hear stories of parents where one parent (I don’t want to be sexist here, but it has … Continue reading

Dirty Airports Forced To “Clean Up”

“Clean” and “airport” the two words don’t seem to go hand-in-hand (at least in my experience). In my past life (pre-kids), my job required me to travel quite a bit. Subsequently, I have spent many, many hours in airports from Newark to Honolulu. I can honestly say that none of them would qualify as “clean.” “Tolerable,” perhaps, but definitely not “clean.” I don’t have to tell you how miserable it is to disembark from a six-hour flight and enter a restroom that reeks of vomit. Or what a pain it is to have to not only dodge other passengers on … Continue reading