Get Rid of Clutter for Free

No one likes to live a life full of clutter, yet not too many people want to clean it all up. Taking the time to de-clutter your home can take you away from more important things. This is why I like to focus on removing clutter in those little in-between spaces of time when you can’t really do anything else. These spaces of time are free in my opinion. If you do a bit of de-cluttering during them, you are accomplishing something without taking time away from anything else. Here are some examples of getting rid of clutter for free. … Continue reading

My Scrapbooking Mess – A Personal Saga

Mess is my organization. Chaos seems to follow me wherever I go in my scrapbooking area. I currently have dozens of projects left unfinished all over the room. When does it end? Certainly I am better prepared to scrapbook or be creative when my mess is organized. Why can’t I seem to get it all in order? Time? Space? Energy? Sure it all plays an important factor in why I seem to create havoc wherever I go in this room. However, it’s also the love I have for each family member, each friend and each gift recipient on my Christmas … Continue reading