Don’t Let the Cold Weather Derail Your Fitness Routine

We are in the middle of a major winter storm. When all is said in done we will be buried under 10-12 inches of snow. That’s on top of the 7 inches we were socked with last week. Then, there’s the bitterly cold tempeatures (we didn’t get above 20 degrees last week) and the dangerously frigid wind chills. It’s a wonder how gyms in Wisconsin sustain themselves during the winter months. I could easily ditch my exercise routine and chock it up to Old Man Winter, but I have that darn marathon I committed to running, so I don’t have … Continue reading

Cold Weather Fitness Tips

When the weather is bad, it’s hard to stay motivated. On a really cold, wet day, it’s hard to even want to leave the house to head for the gym or go for a walk. Don’t give up on your health during the colder months! These tips can help you stay warm when the weather turns brisk. Dress in layers for your workout. When you start your exercise, you’ll still be cold and will need the extra warmth. As you heat up, you can take off as many layers as you need to — and put them back on if … Continue reading