Creative Collages Scrapbook Layouts

Designing scrapbook layouts is a fun way to give your scrapbook personality. There are so many options for scrapbook layouts, it is often hard to decide on just one layout. Personally, my favorite layouts always include photo collages. I enjoy creating collages of my son for his scrapbook. For example, if we went to the beach and I took photos of him playing in the sand with a beach ball and holding a sea shell, I would create a layout and make a collage of those three photos. Then, I would design a page with shell designs around the edges, … Continue reading

Use Your Photos for Crafts

When you go through your photographs and start organizing your pictures, set aside those that didn’t turn out. Throw away the ones that just aren’t any good at all, but hold onto those that have good parts. If you took a photo of two people and one person’s face is outside the frame of the picture, cut that section off and toss it, but keep the portion that turned out okay. These pictures can be used for many different craft projects, so they aren’t a total waste. Your kids can make photo collages, but you can also use them for … Continue reading