Disney’s Teddy Bear and Doll Weekend

OK, this isn’t my bag, but it could be a pretty exciting weekend for those of you who do collect dolls and teddy bears. I had never realized that there were so many serious collectors of teddy bears and dolls but apparently there are! This could be a particularly exciting weekend for those young ladies who are just starting to become serious collectors as well as the many individuals who have been doing this for years. May 16-18, 2008, is the date for this year’s Teddy Bear and Doll Weekend at Epcot. It will be held during the 15th Annual … Continue reading

Displaying a Collection

If you have several things that you would like to display around your home but don’t know where to begin? Accent pieces can really give a living space the final finish. Before you start arranging an rearranging your stuff until it looks good, why not take a look at a few guidelines? Find a spot to group your items. If they can’t be hung, look for a table or a chest to group them. This will give you more impact over scattering the objects around your home. Groups of objects generally look better when they are in odd numbers. Odd … Continue reading

Hannah’s Collections – Marthe Jocelyn

I had a lot of fun reviewing “Hannah and the Seven Dresses” the other day, so today I’m reviewing another book by the same author. In “Hannah’s Collections,” we see that Hannah loves to collect things. Everything is a treasure – and I do mean, everything. Her room is really cluttered with all of her things, and when her teacher asks the children in her class to bring in a collection to display, Hannah doesn’t know what to do. She has so many collections – how will she ever choose which one to bring? For instance, she has 153 buttons, … Continue reading

Prudy’s Problem (and how she solved it) – Carey Armstrong-Ellis

Reading “Prudy’s Problem” reminds me so much of my own children – they can’t seem to throw anything away! Prudy is an ordinary girl who wants to do all the things her friends do. And like most children, Prudy is a collector. There’s just one problem – Prudy collects everything. Some of her friends collect butterflies, or stamps, or tin foil. So does Prudy. But she also collects rocks, feathers, leaves, twigs, dead bugs, old flowers, and even fungi. She won’t throw away any picture she’s drawn, and she has over six hundred stuffed animals. She has scarves, pencils, fabric … Continue reading

Kids Can Be Packrats Too

One of the realities that comes with a house with children…is an increase in the amount of stuff. From the time they are tiny newborn babies, there is an incredible amount of equipment, toys, clothes, feeding gear, and goodness knows what else that comes along with an addition to the family. As a child ages, however, you might not only have the equipment and necessities to contend with–but many a child can be a packrat in his or her own right! I am fortunate that not all of my children inherited their mother’s ability to save and cherish every piece … Continue reading

Collecting Items for a Garage Sale

Preparing for a garage sale is a lot of hard work. Unless you have done it numerous times, you are more than likely starting from scratch. While there is not necessarily a right or wrong way to have a garage sale, there are a lot of things you can do to ensure that your garage sale is successful. It all begins with the preparations. Gather Your Items The first step in preparing for the garage sale, is to gather all of your items together and put them in one spot. At this point, you don’t have to separate anything, you … Continue reading

The Benefits Of Collecting

If you a have a child who is also a collector, you may not have considered that this hobby is also very beneficial to your child as a learning experience. Tyler has been collecting baseball cards for just over a year now and I really hadn’t thought of it as a learning experience until I considered how collecting has sparked his interest in history. Collecting baseball cards has also introduced him to a few advanced mathematical concepts. When he first decided he wanted to collect baseball cards we checked out a few kid-friendly collecting books from the library. We also … Continue reading

A Girl of the Limberlost — Gene Stratton Porter

“A Girl of the Limberlost” is the first Gene Stratton Porter book I ever had the privilege to read, and it certainly wasn’t the last. Elnora Comstock’s father passed away years ago, leaving her behind with her heartsick mother, Kate. Kate’s grief has turned into cold, sullen anger, and Elnora has never really been shown kindness from her mother. She has friends on a neighboring farm, but it’s not the same as her mother’s love. High school is just around the corner, and Elnora needs money for books. It’s an added expense her mother wasn’t prepared for, and she refuses … Continue reading

Building a Home Library

Joseph Fielding Smith Jr. said in “Doctrines of Salvation,” Vol.3, p.206: It is within our power to guide our youth in their reading and to cultivate in their hearts a desire for good books. It is most unfortunate where a person is not possessed with the desire for good reading. The reading habit, like charity, should begin at home. It is the duty of every parent to provide in his home a library of suitable books to be at the service of the family. The library need not be large, nor the books of the most expensive binding, but there … Continue reading

Disney Pins: Special Easter Editions

Disney Pin collecting maintains a huge presence at the Disney theme parks and in the world of Disney collecting. Just about every film, theme park attraction, and holiday is represented by more than a couple of pins. Easter is, of course, no exception. With the fanciful colors that represent the renewal of the world and Easter, it’s certainly no surprise that Disney’s 2006 Easter pins are a vibrant mix of pastels and hot pinks that will certainly stand out in your Disney pin collection. Stitch, the mischievous character from Disney’s animated Lilo and Stitch, makes an appearance on not one, … Continue reading