Starting A Collection For Fun and Learning

When home schooling kids there are so many things you can do that incorporate fun and learning. Then again, not having a structured curriculum often leaves you coming up blank with something new to do. This is where starting a collection comes in handy. I always tried to get as much education out of even the smallest activity. Think about it, just baking a cake can incorporate math, nutrition, history, time management, safety, and even spelling. The educational value and fun factor involved with starting and maintaining a collection is unlimited. Each of my three home schooled girls started a … Continue reading

More Inexpensive Home Decorating Ideas

Last week we looked at some inexpensive home decorating ideas. Here are some more. Use your photographs as a decoration. One way is to make a collage of photos from your family’s life. I used to have one large wall in our family room dedicated to photos of our family. Eventually it spread to two walls. You could track our family, and the various homes we’d lived in and pets we’d had, through that wall. I bought simple inexpensive frames and then rather than only put half a dozen or so photos in the allotted spots. I took the sectioned … Continue reading

Collections Agencies

In our “do it yourself debt reduction” series, I wanted to end with a worst-case scenario. If your debt problems have become so horrendous that you are being hounded by collection agencies, it is time to get serious. First, ask yourself some hard questions. How did I get into this mess? Can I change some things in my life to get back on track? Do I have some addictions or weaknesses that would prevent me from tackling my debt problems myself? If you are truly desperate, it is time to wise up and ask for help. If you think you … Continue reading

Holding off the Creditor and Collection Calls

In debt and over your head? Make sure you open communication with all your creditors. Call them, write them and inform them that you will be paying them off, but that ou need extra time. The key is to initiate the phone call, don’t wait until they have to start calling you. One of the worst mistakes people in debt make is to stop answering the phone calls and ignore the warning collection letters. They start too late to work with the debt collectors. If creditors are calling you, arrange a time when you can talk – away from work … Continue reading

All About Me – Collections

Everyone has a collection of something. What do you collect? Is it mismatched socks? Dust bunnies? Or is it something a bit more special, such as tea pots or cups, teddy bears, Christmas ornaments, stamps, postcards or glass figurines? It doesn’t matter what you collect, it’s time to scrapbook about it. From beautifully displayed china pieces to the rather mundane match box car collection, all can be commemorated in your scrapbook. There are several different ways to include your collections on your layouts. You can scan and reduce in size a flatter object, or you can take photos of your … Continue reading

Teddy Bear Cake

One of my daughters just loves teddy bears. She has quite a collection ranging from stuffed teddy bears to magnets, picture frames, ceramics, and even blown glass. If it looks like a teddy bear or has teddy bears on it, she adores it. One year for her birthday I decided I was going to order a teddy bear cake. I searched everywhere but just couldn’t find anything that great. None of the offerings were shaped like bears, and the ones that were decorated with teddy bears, just weren’t that cute. So, I decided to make my own teddy bear cake. … Continue reading


What do you collect if anything? I love cookie jars. If I had more space, I’d collect them. There are so many styles and I really love the ones that look like cute little characters. I probably wouldn’t even put cookies in them, since I never store cookies in the ceramic one I have. It is more of a catchall and usually contains spools of thread, safety pins, odd buttons, and change. It’s kind of a tan color with a pear painted on the side. I like it fine, but I still wouldn’t mind collecting some of those adorable ones … Continue reading