Home Color Trends for Fall 2007

Are we talking about fall already? Yep. Pantone recently released a report on color trends for the home in fall 2007. There are some surprises. While there are still vivid reds and oranges and deep browns, there is an interesting mix of other hues as well. The reds are deep “red pepper” colors while the oranges are richer than the usual pumpkin pie colors. Brown has gone past the caramel neutrals and is expressed in cocoa and dark chocolate colors. The other colors range from purplish pinks that seem to have been plucked from flowers like lilacs, while the other … Continue reading

Scrapbooking: Setting The Mood With Color (2)

Since color is such an important aspect in decorating anything, there is no exception to decorating your scrapbook layouts. However, if you aren’t more aware of what moods that colors can set, you might be setting the wrong mood on your pages. Here are a few excellent examples of what colors can mean and what mood they can set: Red As I mentioned in an earlier article, red is a color that seems to demand attention. It is extremely vibrant and is the color of stop-signs. Red is a strong color and in scientific tests, was known to cause the … Continue reading