Scrapbooking Blog Goals

Shaking it up in the scrapbooking world has always been my goal, besides teaching others about the joy of scrapbooking. Preserving memories, both good and bad is an extremely important process for people. Remembering good times and bad times can help some people heal, and sometimes it can make a huge difference in their life. Photographs can make people feel more connected to the moment – the memory. Lately, I have reevaluated my goals in the scrapbooking blog. First and foremost, I be writing for the photography blog in addition to scrapbooking (and frugal living). I will be working on … Continue reading

Don’t Take It Personally

Rule number 853 of parenting: Don’t Take Things Personally! Okay, maybe it should be in the top ten of rules for parents, but learning how to not take the things your child says and does personally is one of the major challenges that I’ve wrestled with over the years. After all, it’s pretty darn hard not to take something like “I hate you!” to heart… The fact is, as soon as children are able to talk, they will start complaining and saying unpleasant things and it often feels like they are taking all of their frustrations out on the closest … Continue reading

The Power of the Tongue

“Sticks and stones may break my bones, but words will never hurt me.” How sadly untrue this statement is! Anyone who’s endured verbal and emotional abuse will likely say otherwise. There is so much power in our words. It’s not dirty looks or gestures that are likely to start wars. As far as I’ve known, wars have started over words; disputes, arguments, etc… Bible teacher and author Joyce Meyer has a book with a title I couldn’t resist called, Me and My Big Mouth! Your Answer is Right Under Your Nose. This book takes you through the scriptures of the … Continue reading

What do you say to each other?

Have you ever made a thoughtless remark and wished you could take it back? More often than not, we all have. The worst part of it is that when we make these thoughtless remarks, we genuinely don’t mean them but they are the first thing that slips through the lips. Take a look at the following comments; if you think you use the negative ones a lot more than the positive then it’s time you took a few moments to think before you say something to your spouse. It may take only a little bit of time, but if you … Continue reading