Top 10 Office Party No-Nos

Thanksgiving is officially over so now it’s officially time to start preparing for your (or your spouses’) company holiday party. In previous blogs I shared with you the results of a new study that showed more companies will be spending more money on this year’s holiday parties. I also wrote a blog encouraging you reluctant party goers to take your invitation and mark “YES. I will be attending.” Even if you don’t want to get on the dance floor and shake your groove thing with your fellow co-workers and (GASP!) your boss, there are many more reasons to attend your … Continue reading

Office Party Etiquette—Seven Tips To Preserve Your Professional Image

So you decided to attend your company’s holiday party—congratulations! Now that you have made it over the first hurdle–talking yourself into attending (see my previous blog on that topic)—there are just a few rules you should keep in mind before sashaying your way into party central: Dress Appropriately First and foremost be sure to dress appropriately for the occasion. Etiquette experts say that this rule especially applies to women who sometimes use company parties to strut their stuff. Here’s my rule of thumb: If you think it’s something Paris Hilton would sport—don’t wear it. Anything short, tight or revealing should … Continue reading

The Office Christmas Party—To Go Or Not To Go

Prior to becoming a work-at-home-mom I worked as a news reporter at various television stations around the nation. I enjoyed my job and the opportunities that it afforded me. What’s more, I liked the people I worked with. As I mentioned in a previous blog, some of my best friends are ones I met on the job. So each year when the invitations to our office Christmas party were handed out, I didn’t hesitate to accept. Why would I? I enjoyed the company of my co-workers and I got a free meal out of it—what’s not to like? According to … Continue reading

Company Holiday Parties—Putting On The Ritz

Have you received the invitation to your company’s Christmas party yet? A recent survey shows that if you haven’t received one yet, it will likely happen soon. The survey of human resource executives found that 79% of companies will be planning a holiday party this year. What’s more, the survey found a high percentage of companies will be spending more to put on their office bashes. Nearly one in three companies said it plans to boost party budgets this year, up from 23% in 2005. While only 6% of firms said they are cutting their party budget. The survey found … Continue reading

Five Tips for Entertaining Long Term Houseguests

Houseguests come and go. Some stay quite a while. This can be a wonderful chance to spend time with people you otherwise rarely see, if you can beat the stress that accompanies having company. If you keep a few simple tricks and tips in mind, the visit will be more enjoyable for you and your guests. 1. Provide a comfortable, private space. If it means moving the kids in together temporarily so your guests can have a private room, it is often worth the change. Kids tend to adjust quite well and often enjoy the adventure of “sleeping over” in … Continue reading

Interview with Piggy Tales’ Owner (2)

As promised, here is more of the interview with Debbie Juden, owner of a exciting new scrapbook company, Piggy Tales. Lisa: What inspired the fairy tale theme for your company name and products? Debbie: Starting a business is a lot like having kids. Once you find out what you are going to have you need to name it. Because we were starting a scrapbook company, and scrapbooking has always been something I love, I wanted the name to mean something. Instantly, I wanted the name to be something that had to do with a fond childhood memory. I asked my … Continue reading

AM Best The Insurance Information Source.

With most major purchases, consumers consider the reputation of the company they choose to do business. Buyer beware is one thing but, understanding the financial stability of your insurance company may be a completely different story. The average consumer wouldn’t have the first clue about what to look for, or why it matters when investigating the stability of an insurance company. Insurance agents are aware of the largest and longest-established company in business to provide in-depth reports and financial-strength ratings about insurance companies and organizations. The publication and database, “Best’s Insurance Reports,” publishes the largest coverage of insurers and reinsurers … Continue reading