Be More Compassionate at Work

People who are under a great deal of stress tend to forget to be nice to their coworkers. This is a very human reaction to being tense, overwhelmed, or scared about the future. One way to make your workplace less awful is to be more compassionate at work. If you really don’t feel like it – then it is even more important that you rediscover your compassion. Times are tough. You and your coworkers might be struggling to finish a big project in the days before its deadline. There might be quotas that each worker must achieve. Someone calls in … Continue reading

Be a Better Parent in the New Year

What’s your New Years Resolution? Many people choose something related to weight loss, or money, or productivity. This year, why not pick a resolution that will be much more meaningful? Resolve to take steps to be a better parent in the new year. Parenting can be as rewarding as it is difficult. It is easy to see why parents often make mistakes. Everyone does it – nobody is perfect! Ideally, people learn from those mistakes so they do not repeat them. What I’m trying to say is that parenting is a skill that can always be improved upon. It is … Continue reading

When Things Do Not Go As Planned, Remember This

One important thing that I learned from giving birth to my two sons is that with pregnancy, labor, delivery, and birth, you are never fully in control of what goes on. Pregnancy is a miraculous process, and a complex one, too. Many factors affect a pregnancy throughout its term as well as during the final hours of labor and delivery. Pregnant women and their partners often go to great lengths to take good care of themselves before and during pregnancy, in order to increase the chances of giving birth to a healthy child and having a satisfying birth experience. My … Continue reading

Bringing In Meals

One of the great things about the Relief Society is the way the sisters band together to take care of every little need. When there’s sickness, death or a new baby, one of the most common ways the sisters render service is by bringing in dinner. What a kind, compassionate thing to do for someone who might not be in a position to make a meal for themselves, for whatever reason. If you are asked to bring in a meal, here are some tips for you to keep in mind. 1. The person making the assignment will generally tell you … Continue reading

Watch Out for Being Overly Self-Critical

We definitely need to try to be honest with ourselves as business owners and work to do a better and better job at our work. I also think it helps to be able to be honest with ourselves and look at our “weaknesses” or those areas where we stand to make improvements. Many of us can get carried away, however, and spend so much time beating ourselves up and focusing on what we are not doing right, that we can force our self-esteem into the dumpster! Too much self-criticism does not help our businesses. To be completely honest, I do … Continue reading

How to Help Those Grieving

Each of us will encounter loss at some point in our lives. So will other family members and friends, so how can we help those who are grieving. 1. Remember what it felt like to be in that position but don’t expect the other person to react exactly the same way you did in grief. 2. Don’t avoid the grieving person because you don’t know what to say or you’re frightened of getting upset and upsetting them more. When I was younger I admit to doing that at a funeral. I kept my distance from the woman grieving her daughter’s … Continue reading

Can You Have Compassion for your Child’s Unlikable Friends?

Let us be honest here—we are not going to like all of the friends and peers that our children interact with. That would be a lot to expect from ourselves! There are going to be children whose manners we don’t like, who do not have healthy boundaries, who may talk or play rudely, or for whatever other reason, we just do not like them. As the adult, however, we have the challenge and opportunity of choosing how to react. There always seems to be that one child in the neighborhood who we would rather not have to interact with. The … Continue reading

Tapping Into the Golden Rule in Business

The Golden Rule: Do unto others as you would have them do to you is one of those gems we all learn in childhood. It may come back to us again and again throughout life but we generally think of it in terms of our personal relationships—not necessarily our business activities. In fact, many of us have been taught that the business world is dog-eat-dog—we have to stick it to the other guy before they stick it to us. This is the exact opposite of that Golden Rule. I do believe, however, that we can use the old wisdom as … Continue reading

Getting Kids to Talk About Things when They don’t Want to

There are times when our children desperately need to talk to us but they simply will not open up. As a concerned parent, we wonder whether we should badger and push them to talk to us, or respect their privacy and trust that they will talk to us when they are ready. Of course it depends on the child, but I think that we parents can develop skills and behaviors that can help our children to talk to us about those subjects and topics that are tough. I like to think of myself as a decent communicator and an open … Continue reading

Take it Easy on Yourself and Your Kids!

Who among us has not given that lecture in the mirror? We tell ourselves to shape up and get a grip. We might even extend that lecture to our child or children and expect them to just stop feeling badly, whining, being lazy or whatever negative version of our family story we have. During these times when we want nothing more than to give ourselves and our kids a “good talking to”—it might actually be time to lighten up, take it easy, and have a little compassion. We might just be too rough on ourselves and that never helps matters. … Continue reading