What Can You Get from a Conference?

As someone who spends part of her work world organizing meetings and conferences, I am constantly hearing from attendees about what they “hope” to take away from a conference experience and what they actually do take away. The truth is, conferences can be a great way to energize your career, stimulate your passions, meet new and interesting people, and gain all sorts of specific training and information. The trick is to find the right conference for what you need. I’m writing today about attending a conference as a participant, not as an exhibitor (that is a whole different can of … Continue reading

Home & Visiting Teaching Lessons

You know you’ve been guilty of it – picking out a talk that stuck in your mind and teaching it to all of your families. But just because it resonated with you doesn’t mean it was what the folks you teach needed to hear. Since the May home and visiting teaching messages come from April General Conference talks, how can you best select and teach the lesson suited to your families? If you are really on the ball, you were able to attend all four (or five) sessions of Conference. You may even have been able to hear them all! … Continue reading

Scrapbook Answers Girls’ Weekend

Looking for a fun getaway this summer that includes some relaxing and scrapbooking? If you answered yes, then the Scrapbook Answers’ Girls Weekend may be just what you need. This is an event brought to us by one of my favorite scrapbook magazines, Scrapbook Answers. This Girls’ Weekend event will take place in Phoenix, AZ at the Arizona Biltmore, August 10-13. The classes being offered mainly involve creating a wide variety of mini-books and mini-albums. There is also a project where you alter a mailbox. All of the attendees will get to participate in all of the classes. They have … Continue reading