Is Digital Scrapbooking For You?

Digital scrapbooking has taken the scrapbooking market to a whole new level. It has allowed those who were on the fence about scrapbooking to begin with, to take part without a great deal of commitment or cost. Now, don’t get me wrong, digital scrapbooking takes a lot of work and practice to get a layout complete. I have heard many a scrapbooker wonder if digital scrapbooking is for them. So I thought I would take a moment to try and answer that question. The important thing to recognize is that nobody has that actual answer but you. But here are … Continue reading

Should a Prenup Be Compulsory These Days?

A prenuptial agreement is designed to protect a person’s financial and personal interests so that when they walk out of a marriage they are as secure as they were when they walked into the marriage. The drawback to a prenuptial agreement in the modern world is the idea that you are planning for your divorce even in the midst of your wedding planning. The Pros The pros to a prenuptial agreement include financial security, emotional security and a certainty to what is going to happen. For the wealthy, it means assurance that the person is marrying you for you and … Continue reading

Well-intentioned Friends Will Talk You Out Of Homeschooling

This topic is written as a response to a comment on the education blog about homeschooling. A mom who was considering homeschool asked why her friend felt so strongly that she should not homeschool her child. Chances are that your friend has the best of intentions. They believe that school is the best place for your child. They believe that homeschooling is akin to coddling. They believe homeschoolers are crazy. What you have to realize is that they are entitled to their opinion, but as a mom, you still have to make your own decisions. If your gut tells you … Continue reading

The Cons of Homeschooling

I read an article yesterday called The Downside to Homeschooling. It was juvenile at best, taking the “S” word issue (socialization) and shoving it in the readers face. In the author’s defense, she also wrote an article entitled The Pros of Homeschooling. It was surface as well. In response to that article I would like to address some real issues that can make homeschooling difficult. 1. Parental Capability: They say that a computer is only as good as the programmer. It is also true that the homeschooled child only has the potential that the parent offers. I am not talking … Continue reading