Save On Pet Supplies From PetCo

It’s time to stock up on all the supplies that your pets need. You can save 15% off the price of nearly everything that appears on the PetCo website right now, through Saturday, January 8, 2011. They also have a deal on free shipping, and a contest where you could win a free aquarium. PetCo is doing a “New Year, Big Savings!” sale right now. All the pet supplies that you see on their website are 15% off, until January 8, 2011. This includes crates & kennels, beds for dogs and beds for cats, cat furniture, doggy doors, fish tanks, … Continue reading

Your Favorite Book Could Win You $250 from Powell’s

What was the best book that you read in 2010? If you are a big reader, this might be a difficult decision, and you may need to narrow down your list to just one. Powell’s is looking for nominations for it’s annual Puddly Awards. Tell Powell’s your selection of best book of 2010, and you could win a $250.00 Powell’s gift card. This might be the perfect contest for a bibliophile to enter. It gives you good reason to think about all those wonderful books that you read in 2010. You may even be inspired to re-read your favorites ones! … Continue reading

Dog Eats Beehive, Wins Pet Insurance Award

If you own a dog, you probably have a story about when your dog ate some completely bizarre non-food item. What started out as an intense, stressful, day, and a frantic trip to the vet, eventually turned into a funny story that you can share with family and friends. A pet insurance company recently was collecting stories like these, of the most unusual pet insurance claims. The winner was awarded the VPI Hambone Award. VPI is a pet insurance company. If you have a cat or a dog, and have been considering picking up some pet health insurance you can … Continue reading

Perfect Coat Cover Dog Contest

Does your dog have a perfect coat? He or she could become the new model for Perfect Coat dog shampoo! Dog Channel and Perfect Coat are on the hunt for some new spokesdogs. Three grand prize winners will be primped and pampered for a professional photo shoot and appear on Perfect Coat shampoo labels. With varieties like Ultra Moisturizing and Tender Care Puppy shampoo, Perfect Coat has something for everyone. The three grand prize winners will appear on three different varieties of Perfect Dog shampoo. Pretty cool! If your dog doesn’t finish in the top three, he’s still got a … Continue reading

Homeschoolers and the Great Subway Debacle

In the last two weeks, here has been a huge uproar in the homeschooling community. It seems that Subway, the restaurant that serves sandwiches, has snubbed homeschoolers by introducing a writing contest, and adding the stipulation that no homeschoolers were allowed to compete. Homeschoolers everywhere felt snubbed and insulted. Whether or not Scholastic, who sponsored the contest had a hand in the homeschool snub is another question altogether, but one should note that Scholastic sells learning materials to homeschoolers, while at the same time has “homeschooling” articles on its website that does more to discourage homeschooling than to encourage it. … Continue reading

Win a Book and Help Me Organize!

Just to make things a little interesting around here, and to offer inspiration to me in my de-cluttering and organization efforts in my own home, I thought I would run a little content for all of you. Here is what I propose. For the next week, come and leave a comment here on this particular blog post with your best de-cluttering or organizational idea. It could be any idea at all, from where to store your kitchen supplies to how to live simply. Any and all ideas are welcome, as long as you can recommend them. You can also just … Continue reading

Travel News for Kids—-How Your Youngster Can Win a Trip to Australia

My 3-year-old loves Dora the Explorer and if she were a bit older she would be a shoe-in for the following travel contest. (Spoken like a true biased mother.) The contest includes a few restrictions, which I will detail below, but here’s what you need to know first: The contest is called the “Hands-On Explorer Challenge” and is sponsored by National Geographic Kids magazine. The grand prize is an 11-day expedition to Australia and will be awarded to 15 kids ages 9-14 (each winner will be allowed to bring a parent or guardian along on the trip) PLUS two teachers. … Continue reading

The Picture of Health Contest

Are you a health hero? Do you know a health warrior who deserves recognition? ABC News and Prevention magazine have teamed up to find the Picture of Health in a woman over the age of forty. The search is on for a woman who can teach the country a thing or two about healthy living. Maybe this year’s winner is an inspiration to others. Maybe she motivates friends and family to eat right and exercise. Perhaps she’s overcome a huge life or health challenge and is now stronger than ever! Finalists will be chosen by folks from Prevention magazine and … Continue reading

Register Now for the Body For Life Challenge

Not only is the Body-for-Life Challenge the most flexible eating and exercise program I’ve found yet but it is also flexible when it comes to your entry in the challenge competition. Now remember, this is not a competition against other people. This is a competition with yourself. What matters at the end is how well you’ve transformed what you started with, not how you look against the others who are competing. There are four rounds in the 2008 Body-for-Life Challenge: If you want to compete in Round 1, you need to start no later than February 11, 2008 and finish … Continue reading

Tour the HGTV Dream Home

Want to know how the other half lives? Okay, so maybe it is really the other 2 percent. With HGTV’s Dream Home for 2008, you can not only dream of the perfect home, but dream big. That is because, along with taking a virtual tour this custom built, furnished and decorated home, you could be lucky enough to own it. I have been following the HGTV dream homes for a few years now. Every year I droll over these home and faithfully enter the contest for a chance to win. Of course, it is never me. I guess I could … Continue reading